Web Domination 20 Review – Learn How to Create a Successful Online Business

Do you ever wish you could get a ton of expert advice on different aspects of building a successful business online in one place? Well now, you can.

What is Web Domination

Web Domination (affiliate link) is a complete course with 20 “masters of the web” revealing everything you need to know about creating a successful company online.

It includes hour long interviews with each expert and a 300+ page eBook with 100,000+ words on making a website, creating content, getting traffic, converting traffic, earning money online, and building a successful company online.

Who’s Behind Web Domination

Web Domination is brought to you by Michael Dunlop of Income Diary, Nicholas Tart of 14clicks.com, and Nick Scheidies of Next Level Ink. You might recognize Michael’s name as the one behind Popup Domination, the tool that allows you to create a popup opt-in form for your blog or website. Love it or hate it, it does work to help build your mailing list.

Who Are the Experts

The experts who contributed to this massive eBook and audio interview series are as follows. I’m sure you’ll recognize at least a few of the names.

Web Domination 20 Experts

  • Jacob Cass – Jacob is a web and graphics designer who has worked with major brands like Nike, Disney, Red Bull, VitaminWater, Coach, Leatherwear, OMEGA, and many more. He covers the topic: Creating Awesome Websites.
  • Matt Wolfe – Matt created a business teaching others how to blog and a blog teaching others how to create a business. He covers the topic: Managing a Membership Site.
  • Tyrone Shum – Tyrone helps people learn how to build virtual teams to run their businesses. He covers the topic: Outsourcing Your Work.
  • Pat Flynn – Pat is a blogger and podcaster who shares his strategy for making a passive income online. He covers the topic: Blogging to Be Everywhere.
  • Derek Halpern – Derek’s main goal is to help people get traffic and increase sales. He covers the topic: Psychology of Blogging.
  • Gideon Shalwick – Gideon is a video marketing blogger who helps people learn how to leverage online video for leads and tons of traffic. He covers the topic: Video Marketing.
  • David Sinick – David runs Beast Media, and online advertising agency in San Diego. He covers the topic: Search Engine Optimization.
  • Syed Balkhi – Syed is an affiliate marketer, blogger, and social media consultant who founded WPBeginner. He covers the topic: Social Media Wisdom.
  • Brian Moran – Brian is the Facebook expert behind Get 10,000 Fans (which now has over 240,000+ fans. He covers the topic: Facebook Domination.
  • Ben Jesson – Ben is the CEO and co-founder of Conversion Rate Experts which has helped companies like Apple, Google, Sony, SEOmoz, and SEO Book increase their conversions and sales. He covers the topic: Conversion Optimization.
  • Yanik Silver – Yanik is an author and serial entrepreneur who helps others make more, have fun, and give back. He covers the topic: Copywriting Magic.
  • David Risley – David is a problogger who shows bloggers how to generate a full-time income online. He covers the topic: Email Marketing.
  • Stephen Beck – Stephen has been called one of the most helpful Internet marketers and is a webinar expert.
  • Michael Dunlop – Michael, one of the creators behind this product, is a successful young entrepreneur. He covers the topic: Website Monetization.
  • Lewis Howes – Lewis runs a 7 figure online business and is well known for his expertise on LinkedIn, webinars, and creating successful products. He covers the topic: Selling Digital Products.
  • Josh Bartlett – Josh is known for creating products, information, and coaching designed to help businesses & entrepreneurs make money. He covers the topic: Software Creation & Launch.
  • Ryan Lee – Ryan is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, and success coach. He covers the topic: Continuity is King.
  • James Schramko – James is a successful underground Internet marketer who owns his own affiliate marketing network. He covers the topic: Affiliate Marketing Mastery.
  • Cody McKibben – Cody is a lifestyle entrepreneur & permanent traveler who challenges readers to transform their lives with entrepreneurship. He covers the topic: Digital Nomading.
  • Neil Patel – Neil, co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, has helped corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web. He covers the topic: Internet Entrepreneur.

With the exception of a few people who didn’t have a Twitter account, you can follow most of the above listed experts on my Web Domination Experts Twitter list.

eBook Outline

Want to see what you’ll get out of the eBook? Here’s the outline including you’ll learn in each section.

Part 1: Making a Website

Designing Awesome Websites

  • The Design Process
  • The Designer’s Toolkit
  • What Makes Good Design
  • Designing to Convert
  • Colors & Branding
  • Working with Designers
  • Web Design Trends

Managing a Membership

  • How to Differentiate Your Content
  • Inside “The A La Carte Method”
  • How to Make a Site Members Only
  • Setting the Right Price
  • 4 Ways to Promote Your Membership Program
  • Retaining Members
  • Matt’s Plans for the Future

Outsourcing Your Work

  • When and How to Get Started
  • The First Position to Hire
  • The Interview Process
  • Shum’s All-Important Management System
  • Quality Control
  • Training Methods
  • The Future of Outsourcing

Part 2: Creating Content

Blogging to Be Everywhere

  • Picking the Right Niche
  • What Makes a Good Post
  • Driving Traffic
  • Multimedia Content
  • How Social Media is like a Party
  • Complete Email Marketing Strategy
  • Pat’s Road to Blog Profits

Psychology of Blogging

  • When to Start Selling Online
  • How Psychology can “Future-Proof” your Marketing Efforts
  • How Derek Collects Data
  • The Role of Blogging in Business
  • Triggers that Encourage Social Sharing
  • Step-by-Step Guide to a Psychologically Effective Blog Post
  • Where to Put Opt-In Forms on your Site
  • How to Write “Hard-Hitting” Content

Video Marketing

  • How Gideon Learned Video Skills
  • The Best Camera, Microphone, and Software
  • How to Dominate YouTube
  • What You Need to Know about Video SEO
  • How to Get More Views
  • Selling with Video
  • The Six Weapons of Influence
  • The Future of Online Video

Part 3: Getting Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

  • What Google’s Looking For
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Social Media and SEO
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • Tactics Building Off-Site Links
  • How to Avoid Getting Punished by Google
  • Rising Trends in SEO

Social Media Wisdom

  • The Importance of a Cross-Platform Brand
  • Building Relationships with Your Competitors
  • How List25 got its first 30,000 Fans
  • Tips for Higher Facebook EdgeRank
  • Advice on YouTube
  • The Importance of su.pr URLs
  • Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+

Facebook Domination

  • How to Get Started
  • Customizing Your Fan Page
  • Website Integration
  • How to Get More Fans
  • Effective Status Updates
  • Building a Community
  • Facebook Monetization
  • Facebook’s Future

Part 4: Converting Traffic

Conversion Optimization

  • What to Know Before You Optimize
  • Optimizing to Get More Email Subscribers
  • Practical vs. Pretty Design
  • Why to Avoid “Best Practices”
  • Free Split-Testing Tools
  • The Value of Real Life Salespeople
  • Optimizing Your Funnel

Copywriting Magic

  • What You Must Do Before You Begin Writing Copy
  • The Importance of Story
  • Formulas and Strategies
  • How Visuals Can Make Your Pages Pop
  • Video Sales Letters
  • How to Overcome Their Objections
  • The Risk in Hiring Somebody Else to Write Your Copy

Email Marketing

  • How to Get Started
  • Using Auto-Responders
  • The Best Opt-In Areas
  • Managing a Healthy List
  • How to Write Simple, Effective Emails
  • The Relationship Between His Blog and List
  • Making Sales with Email
  • Future Trends in Email Marketing

Webinar Domination

  • How to Get Started with Webinars
  • Attracting an Audience
  • Webinar Strategies
  • The Power of Interactivity
  • How to Deliver a Perfect Webinar Pitch
  • The Future of Webinars

Part 5: Earning Money Online

Website Monitization

  • The Easiest Way to Make Your First Dollar
  • Michael’s Three Monetization Methods
  • How More Content Means More Money
  • How to Come Up with Your Next Product Idea
  • Why Michael Doesn’t Offer a Service
  • Michael’s Affiliate Advertising Strategy
  • Landing – and Keeping – Advertisers
  • The Future of Website Monetization

Selling Digital Products

  • How to Pick a Product Idea
  • Tools for Selling Online
  • Pricing Strategy
  • The Sales Process and Conversion Tricks
  • The Launch Process
  • The Power of Video Sales Letters
  • How to Build a List with LinkedIn

Software Creation & Launch

  • Refining an Idea for Software
  • Why Software Sells
  • Where to Find Coders
  • How to Manage a Team
  • The Two Lists You Need
  • How to Deliver Your Software Product
  • The Importance of Customer Support
  • The Future of Software Creation

Part 6: Building a Successful Company Online

Continuity is King

  • 4 Steps to Starting a Successful Continuity Program
  • The Software You’ll Need
  • The Best Type of Content
  • What Makes a Good Sales Page
  • The Two Most Powerful Words in Continuity Retention
  • Future Trends in Continuity

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

  • 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success
  • The Tools of the Trade
  • How to Build – and Manage – a Profitable List
  • What Makes a Product or Service Successful
  • Internet Marketing Karma

Digital Nomading

  • Advice on Living Abroad
  • How to Get out of the Rat Race
  • The Perks of Being a Nomad
  • Overcoming Travel Challenges
  • How Cody Makes Money

Internet Entrepreneur

  • How to Build an Awesome Business
  • How His Blogs Make Money
  • Creating an Online Brand
  • Company Culture and Bringing on a Team
  • Landing Big Customers and Negotiating with Companies

A Few Personal Comments & Critiques

I haven’t read or listened to everything yet, and there’s a few sections I’ll probably skip just because they’re not my thing like outsourcing and webinars. Not that those are bad, but I’m a control freak and I really, really don’t like doing webinars. But of the sections I have read so far, I had a few little comments / critiques.

  • My favorite experts in the eBook and interviews are Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Michael Dunlop, Derek Halpern, Gideon Shalwick, Pat Flynn, and David Risely. These are all people I have worked with, met at conferences, or at least read their blog. In short, I have always gained valuable insights from these experts.
  • I wasn’t familiar with most of the other people listed beyond recognizing their names, but after listening to their interviews, I can see why they were chosen to share their experiences in the online world as they do have a lot to offer.
  • I wouldn’t use any tactics in the Search Engine Optimization section that involve spamming, spinning software, or that could be labeled black hat. Google is getting pretty hip to what’s crap and what’s quality. Even if you don’t get penalized, you will still be putting effort into things that just don’t work anymore, or won’t soon in the future.
  • Some tips in the Facebook Domination section & interview are a bit out of date, but they’re not hard to get around. Like the fact that profile pictures are no longer tall images and, instead, you have the Timeline Cover Photo. I still learned a lot more about Facebook strategy regardless.

Considering the size of the eBook and length of the interviews (about 20 hours), you will learn a lot more valuable information than you will find things you disagree with.

How to Get the Most Out of Web Domination

No one is a fan of buying a product, signing up for a course, or becoming a member of something that doesn’t end up giving them results. Since I like getting results, I’m going to tell you how to get results from this course.

  • Read a chapter at a time. As you’re reading, make an action plan of what things you’ve read that you can apply to your blog or business.
  • Listen to the interviews. Just like reading the chapters, you should also be taking notes and making an action plan of what things you’ve heard that you can apply to your blog or business.
  • Comprehend everything as a whole. Don’t just assume because you’re reading the chapter or listening to the interview from the Facebook expert that you should only be learning about Facebook. Really take in the strategies that each person has employed to become a success.
  • Don’t assume it will sink in overnight. For some, it might (good for you). For others, it make take a second (or even third) read through or listen. You can’t just say because you don’t get it the first time, you never will.
  • You won’t become an expert at everything. Notice that for this book, they called in 20 experts. There isn’t one person that is an expert in all of these topics (or maybe there is, who knows). You will learn enough in this course to apply each element to your own business. That or you will learn enough to know what to outsource. See Part One, Section Three for more on that.

If you don’t plan on doing these things or going in with the right mindset, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Or any other information product on the web for that matter. But on the upside, if you do try it and don’t get to take advantage of it, there is always a 60 day money back guarantee!

If you do plan on reading, listening, and then applying what you learn in this course, then be sure to check out Web Domination and take advantage of the massive sales offer today!

Web Domination 20 Review

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    Part 3 and part 4 is what really interests me. Anyone looking to start off the ground with your own blog, then start with this and forget the other ones. These folks know exactly how to run a blog online and get success with it.

    Thanks Kristi so much for a very detailed explanation and the overview of it.
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    Sounds like an awesome conference. Even if you don’t attend, you should thoroughly peruse the topics. Just looking at the topics can provide the blogger with a fantastic directional outline.

    The list of experts you just shared can also be interpreted as a great list of blogs to visit! (I realize some experts may choose not to operate a blog.)
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