When You Don’t Have Time To Do It All

Have you ever run into the challenge of not having the time to do everything? And when you run into that challenge, have you wondered whether it is all or nothing, or if even a little here and there was good enough?

This is a challenge I have been experiencing for the past few weeks in terms of comments on this site. I love replying to comments, and I love going around to other blogs and commenting there as well. But as most people who do a fair share of commenting know, while it can be rewarding and educational, it can also be time consuming.

I think that my number one fear is that I’ll soon be considered the kind of blogger that takes but never gives, expecting comments but never giving them. And I certainly don’t want that. But right now, between maintaining a full time job, working on freelance projects, creating and expanding my freelance portfolio, finishing personal projects that I have been wanting to do for a long time, improving functionality around this site (like finally getting my contact form working again) and spending time on things to improve my health, I have found myself unable to budget in time for the other things I love to do around here, such as the commenting.

One of my blogging friends writes a wonderful blog on self improvement and personal development. This blog has never allowed for comments. When I asked her why, she said it was because of the time it takes to respond. I understood that she wanted to take that time and really focus it into producing great content for others, which is certainly a worthwhile goal for a blogging site.

I haven’t given up on comment responses completely, and still have it in things to catch up on in the near future, once things settle down, or to go and do some here and there. But when it comes down to either having the time to really focus on a post or comment responses, I have chosen to go with keeping up the content. I feel like that is the most beneficial for the time being, and I hope that my readers will agree. And I hope I am still proving to be an appreciative blogger with my Fetching Friday link love, Stumble and Twitter shares.

I’d love to hear how my blogging audience keeps up with posting great content, comment responses, and other commitments outside of the blogging world. I’m working on creating a schedule so I can do things in more of an orderly fashion, instead of just doing the critical priority items and then nothing else.

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    In you statement that you would be labeled as a taker is far from reality and it will never be perceived that way. You have shared the love with everyone.

    On to the article – I know I am strapped for bandwidth. I run multiple blogs, a community and I guest post for 3 sites. It’s tough staying on top of the latest in Security and SEO, but I love what I do. Having a few writers doesn’t hurt either.

    Frank Js last blog post..StumbleUpon is Stumbling Downward

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    I have to keep reminding myself that creating great content comes first, then keeping my site up and functional and almost everything else is gravy for me.

    Lately I’ve had to resort to not responding individually to comments and letting my commenting on other blogs slide a bit. I think most people understand.

    Tracys last blog post..My two favorite emotions are lucky and enthusiastic

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    Hi Kristi,
    I think, this article says it all.
    You are telling us about your time predicament.
    It is obvious to me, that it takes a great deal of time to pull together all you have built here.The content of your blog is most important and you shine more with each article and resource, you provide.
    Besides it needs to be enjoyable and healthy for you.

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    I think I know who’s the blogger friend you referred to. ^^ I went to her site, thinking of leaving her a comment after reading an enlightening post, but found out she’s not accepting comments for the time being, as you explained. I sure hope to tell her she did a great job with her site.

    Back to the post. Yes, I think all of us here know how hectic sometimes when things got a little piled up than usual. I really hope there won’t be the day I’m giving up commenting, so hoping to work out a way for a more beneficial win-win situation for all. Maybe we all need the wisdom in proper time management. ^^

    Thanks for bringing up the topic, Kristi.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    Ching Yas last blog post..16 Misconceptions About β€˜Serious’ Blogging

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    It’s becoming hard for me to maintain all my blogs, keep my new blog growing, and focus on affiliate marketing as well. I am making a schedule as well. It’s hard for me to stop blog commenting once I start. I just comment on blog after blog with no end in sight.

    Deneil Merritts last blog post..July 2009 Discount Coupon

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    I think you can safely put away any fear of not giving enough back. My sense is that as more people become more familiar with blogs and blogging they also realize the time that is required. Not just time to write or reply to comments but also just the time to even read a fraction of the great material that can be found on blogs.

    It’s challenging as a blogger to cover all the different bases that blogging requires. “Let’s see do I have on my Tech Hat, or my Programmers Hat, or my Writer’s Hat, or my Marketing Hat, or my Admin Hat, or my Advertising Hat, or…” Some modes are easier to shift in and out of than others.

    As a fellow blogger I many times take the approach that unless someone asks me a direct question in their Comment a Reply is not required. As Tracy noted in an earlier comment the real focus is on the content. You create great content and that is really the name of the game.

    Mike McEvoys last blog post..Twitter eBook Review – Blog Guest Post on Kikolani.com

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    I always wish I could do more. It is part of who I am and I understand it to be part of who you are. If I had all the answers or even some of them, I would do so much more, but in the meantime I do what I can. I try to prioritize the things that are most important to me and have those priorities reflect my values in life. Provided I accomplish this which is a task in itself, I can’t really do much else, but dream of a world where time in infinite.

    Jay Zucks last blog post..The Lounging Lizard

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    I remember being that way. Its not that you mean to have so much to do at one time, but you just get interested in way too many things. I get excited and interested in this or that new internet community or I wanna take the time to learn this hobby. I would fill up my plate without realizing all the responsibilities I was taking on.

    Its a hard thing to deal with because you just want to do so much. I’ve managed to lessen my schedule (relatively) just by focusing on the 80/20 principle. I find the smallest task that can be done right now which would have the greatest impact and then do it. Once done then I do the next thing and so on.

    Its hard because you want to do so much, but I just have faith that I will accomplish everything I want in due time :)

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    Firstly, sorry to drop by late and thanks for dropping by Kristi!
    Seriously, I have a big problem with blogging, finding time to post and comment.
    Most people here got aday job to attend to, for those stay at home, they have their other duties like chores to attend to.
    As for me, I have to do everything myself. Moreover, I have to find that extra time to put treat my severe skin problem proraisis. I used to travel extensively for yoga lesson, I also go for long term acupuncture treatment which is costly. Two weeks back, I went to see master……I need to have a very strict diet now!
    My health is more important than anything. I have even thought of to completely stop blogging to concentrate my treatment and doing more quality artworks. I am always on the rush….
    I guess, we all are facing the same problem here. On my part, to stop blogging is not a solution! I love blogging & commenting!!!!I will reschedule my time for blogging and commenting! I am happy that our blogs are growing. Thank you for being my friend Kriti! You are always my inspiration:)
    Last but not least, thank you again your love and encouragement.

    yoon sees last blog post..More about Soulbrush

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    I couldn’t agree more.It’s hard to keep up with your blog while going to work, taking care of kids or pets and still having to do housework, keep the house clean and in order, plus have enough time to still care about your own looks. Not only is time the only factor for most bloggers, but putting all their faith and money into their blog in hopes that it will grow and they’ll get some money back, when in fact they don’t ever see any changes.

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    Yup. Feeling it.

    I have the same problems. Running 20+ sites tends to do that to a person. I get more spam since moving to WordPress than I do commentators, so I’m kinda distracted by the disparity there, but I’m not worried about it.

    Commenting is there for commenting when you have something to say, and saying thanks to everyone back get’s tiresome. Let’s be honest, we all want links, and we all want to be social and cordial and all that, but at the end of the day it shouldn’t be at the expense of family, sanity and fun.

    I’m trying to add a little zen and reality back into my life I guess.

    Peace Kristi!

    Waynes last blog post..Learning Web Development Through Blogging

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    This is exactly the situation I am facing too except that I have some personal projects. Truly, it takes a lot of time to respond worthy comments and I agree that quality content is the first preference, though hardly but I try to manage to respond them. Yes, what I do is, I dont go long for a while but giving them a bird’s eye view and sometimes having random scanning of the comments.

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    Hi Kristi, it’s like you wrote my thoughts for me. I can relate completely because things are getting a bit squeezed for me also. Like you, I am trying to grow in certain areas and the time has to come from somewhere. I feel that the people who really matter can understand because many of them go through the same thing.

    Everything moves in phases, sometimes there is enough time to do it all, and sometimes not. Kristi, I know I speak for many others when I say we are there for you, so do what you need to do.

    Jonathan – Advanced Life Skillss last blog post..11 Steps to a More Positive You

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    Kristi, real life is going more harder and so the blogging world. I barely take care of commenting on my blogs, preparing for new post, socializing the posts I like and of course the real life that takes a big share of our time.

    I can understand your friend’s point of view and few months ago I thought about this too but re-thinking about it make me realise that I’ll be selfish. I do welcome comments because readers express their opnions and free speech yet my replies might be late!

    Glad of your achievement so keep up on the good work :)

    Hichams last blog post..I hate everything about You!

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    I like to keep up with what others are writing about, so reading other blogs is not a problem with me. I think other bloggers will understand if you’re not there to follow up on every response. They know what you’re going through as a blogger. So I wouldn’t feel bad about that. You have to make some time available for yourself.

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    Not feel too bad Kristi, many of us are in the same boat. I think you are doing a fantastic job. It seems we are working harder for the same money lately. I can’t find the time for comments or content and I don’t have your active lifestyle. Your content is top shelf and I know how much time that takes in it’s self.

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    “I think that my number one fear is that I’ll soon be considered the kind of blogger that takes but never gives, expecting comments but never giving them. And I certainly don’t want that.”

    No worries Kristi, we got your back.

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    Interesting thoughts – not having time to deal with comments.

    Its a good problem to have – you should reward yourself at having generated the traffic.

    Could you employ a student or someone to weed out the obvious junk leaving you to generate content and reply to real comments?

    jonathans last blog post..Marketing your business on facebook

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    Hi Kristi,

    Altough commenting on your own or other blogs is fun, etc. it is indeed time consuming. And after everything you have mentioned, it is important not to suffer total burn out wanting to be in all places at once and getting it all done.

    When I was still working full time, and writing on 3 sites, and trying to have a life, it was so hard to keep up with comments whether personal or other sites.

    And what I learned is that while it is nice to go visit others, we cannot do it at the expense of our own sanity. Prioritze and definitely know that you have given a lot, and those who love your material will keep coming back whether you visit them or not.

    Most importantly just prioritize things so that you do not get burned out, because then it may get to from doing everything to nothing :)

    Evitas last blog post..The Tiger Within

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    I try to constantly become more efficient in my writing. Having served as a copyeditor and writer for many years and accustomed to deadlines, I know how to become more economic with my time. On a legal pad, I tend to start with three to five objectives for an article and then work out the structure of my arguments. Is much like doing a legal brief. I found “Writing to Win” by Steven D. Stark a very useful book.

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    You are right, it is very time consuming to juggle all the demands that maintaining a popular blog entails. I think if you just do your best and what you can, it will all work out. I don’t think you need to respond to every single comment. I think it isimportant to welcome new commenters and reply when needed.

    Tycoon Bloggers last blog post..Top Ten Reasons to use Twittley

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    Hey Kristi, Its my first time here.

    Well all I can say is, this is a common thing now with most bloggers, specially with those having multiple jobs (having full time job and having sideline/freelance work at home). But what I can’t really ignore totally is to reply to my own blog commenter because, I think, that is one of the most important thing in blogging. Its the interaction between the blogger and his/her audience.


    Boracay Hotelss last blog post..Fridays Hotel Boracay

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    If bloggers could roll with me going to jail for 16 days LOL :) People know that you have been through so many great changes. Married,work,taking kick ass pics,expanding your online skills, living a life etc.
    As far as people that don’t have comments or think their content and time is so supreme Good luck with that. I have been to many blogs ONE TIME that have this
    self grandiose type mentality.
    We’re all just squirrels looking for a nut.
    Just the fact that you have a conscious and awareness of an important issue is one of the many reasons I think people luv ya SO keep kicking ass.
    Like what you have done with my site. You came through left comments on a few posts and bounced. This is an excellent way of catching up I don’t see why people actually admit I have no time for you people. Even if I was that busy I wouldn’t say hey I’m to busy for all of you LOL :)
    Keep up the great work.
    And thanks for making and taking time to support my site.
    If it wasn’t for people like you I would of quit blogging.

    John Sullivans last blog post..Link building

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    Wow, looking at this post, you have already got 26 and mine will be the 27th comment :)

    I get a few comments compared to you so I can actually reply to 95% of comments made on my site and then visit the blogs I like. I currently only have one blog, so it’s easier for me.

    I do agree that there are those days when you have limited time and you know you have a million things to do. I try my best my best to do the critical ones first and then see how many of the others I can get though.

    Don’t worry to much as I’m sure you are standing in exactly the same position as many other thousands of bloggers. You need to find the balance and not let it consume you.

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    @George Serradinho– You said that you reply 95% of comment on your blog. What is number of comment you have in a day. I had visit your blog. Keep replying its a good job.

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    I think bloggers will still much appreciate the effort your putting in the blog itself. If that content has quality, then this is enough. It’s nice you comment on other blogs but I think nobody will mind if you take a break for a while.

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    I think we would all prefer you to keep on blogging and answering comments less frequently – rather than burning out, and giving up blogging completely.

    Blogging has had to take a back seat for me recently as I have had to concentrate on other aspects of my life, including exercising more rather than sitting at the PC for so long. I have realized that balance is so important and you should not let yourself get consumed by blogging and all its peripheral activities.

    Sueblimelys last blog post..Firefox Collections and Social Networking

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    nice post i seen due to lot of work load people not have enough time for active more activity so nice post here Kristi short out more thing here thanks for sharing….

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    Hey girl!
    Don’t worry about it- you offer such great resources and I truly don’t know how you do it all. I don’t work outside the home and to me it’s a huge surprise that you do. And then all those other things going on in your life?
    That’s a lot to maintain. I reply to my commenters when I can and I truly hope they understand that I’m a mommy and I have a lot on me. I understand this about other people too. So my take is… don’t worry about it. The people who really like your blog will continue reading it and by simply informing everyone of your busy schedule that will help with not hurting anyone’s feelings πŸ˜‰
    All the best my friend,
    Eren Mckay

    Eren Mckays last blog post..Summer Sun Safety Tips for Kids (Plus Activities & Worksheets that Help You Teach Sun Safety)

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    I think your comments strike home for a lot of us here. Time gets shorter and the workload gets bigger, and at some point you can only do what you can do (or something like that :-).
    When something’s gotta go, just prioritize and then spend the time on the things that you’ve given highest priority.
    You’re doing great stuff!

    nutubas last blog post..How Does a Hen Know When She’s Done?