Who Do You Trust for Product Reviews?

In the last few months, I entered into the world of writing product reviews. My first was the Income Blogging Course Review and, most recently, the Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers Review. I find that it’s really easy to write them under one condition: that I have used and truly love the product.

Since I don’t see Kikolani as being the right platform for writing reviews all of the time, and would rather use this site for strictly blog marketing strategies, blogging tips, and social media, I decided to start off a new site.

Trusted Affiliate Marketer

Rockin Affiliate is going to be my home for honest, comprehensive product reviews, as well as a focus on affiliate marketing and money saving tips.

Why product reviews?

Sure, it seems like everyone is doing them. But I have found that anytime I am searching for a product review that is going to really tell me what I can expect from said product, all I come up with are the “canned” reviews provided by product creators that have been edited with an image or two, and are really nothing beyond a sales pitch.

So I decided to create the kind of product reviews that I normally search for. Instead of just saying whether I like it or don’t, I’m essentially going to give you a walk through of what you get, how to use it, and any available alternatives to consider before purchasing. Because who doesn’t like to checkout all of the options?

First Reviews

I’m opening the site with a real bang – not one, but two reviews. This week, Popup Domination and Subscribers Magnet both re-opened their doors with some time sensitive savings.

You may wonder why I have decided to write about Popup Domination after writing the case for and against popups. The truth is, in the long run, it works. Reading all of the pros, cons, and commenter feedback proved that most people see more results over losses using it. And after taking it for a spin, it’s really simple to use and really has the best designs of all of the opt-in plugins.

That being said, for those who are not fans of adding popups to their site, I also decided to do the review for Subscribers Magnet as well. This way, you can see the inside mechanics of what you would get with both when it comes to helping boost your mailing list subscribers.

So if you are hearing about all of the deals and looking for more than a sales pitch, check out my Popup Domination Review and Subscribers Magnet Review to see which ones may be more suitable for your needs. And be sure to subscribe to Rockin Affiliate for only the best product reviews and affiliate marketing tips from someone who only will share what I truly believe will be helpful to you.

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  1. says

    That is a great idea, Kristi – having a separate domain for reviews.

    And I am with you…only review products / services you have actually used.


    To do a review, you donโ€™t have to love it. You can also write reviews and warn your readers of products you donโ€™t like.

    Andrew just posted List Building- FAST

  2. says

    This is really cool Kristi,

    I also just started a blog of this nature it will be reviewing various web hosts and I have plans to promote it massively this month – just started today!

    I wish you good luck with your new blog and I’ll be happy to know how everything goes.

  3. says

    Congratulations! There are so many products out there these days, and we can’t rely on the squeeze page of the product itself to evaluate/compare the products objectively. :) I for one will really enjoy going to a review site written by someone I know and trust, especially because you’ll be giving us great in-depth reviews. When there are multiple competing product, I hope you’ll give us some comparison charts too sometimes.
    Christie just posted Will blogging change the way we live in our time zones

    • says

      I have thought about charts… I threw a little one in both of the new reviews looking at price, design, usability, and features.

      Also, I like your new site! :)

  4. says

    I too registered my own review blog domain name a few weeks back, coming soon!

    Now, since I already know you, your honesty, integrity, and so forth, I will/have followed your advice.

    However, if I may be so bold, stepping into the mind of someone that doesn’t know you, I hate to say, I think you made the first no no, and it’s kinda a biggie.

    “Trusted Affiliate Marketer”. Is that similar too “Honest Abe’s Used Car Lot”?

    I’ll even be so bold as to say, i think one of the biggest turn-off’s globally, are those that think they have to scream. I AM HONEST, I HAVE INTEGRITY, FOLLOW ME FOR THE ONLY DECENT REVIEWS. etc.

    Know what I mean?

    I think putting it in the domain name is a step up (or down depending on how you look at it) then putting it in the tagline, where most people tend to have it.

    I KNOW this wasn’t part of your thinking, which is actually the reason I’m pointing it out. If I even had a glimmer of thought that this was part of your thinking, I wouldn’t bother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You could call this an opinion, but I think of you polled it correctly, you’d see I am far from the only one. :)

    Aside from that, as I said above, I’ll personally be looking forward to all your reviews. :)
    Dennis Edell just posted UPDATE- Blog SEO Found New Articles Coming ASAP!

    • says

      You know, I never really thought of it that way. I just thought of it literally… if I use it, and I like it, I’ll share it. I’m not just going to share something based on no research to make a dime.

      I thought to separate myself using that domain because there are a lot of pages that rank for “insert product name here” review and they usually include an about page with no name, or a name that no one recognizes with a picture from a stock photo site. Hence I thought to include “trusted” because I am someone that people know, or at least learn more about on other sites as well, ones I would consider trusted.

      I didn’t think to poll my new domain idea. I was trying out different options for several days and just about every other combination of affiliate + marketer or marketing was taken, but then I eventually came to this one that was available. Aside from a complaint that the domain is long (which I admit, it is) and it needs more content (which it does), I haven’t heard anything else bad about it. So thanks for the opinion, but I think I’ll just work on making trusted mean what it says. :)

  5. says

    I like online reviews – especially those from “real folks” like you and I. Prefer them, actually, to editorial reviews that often seem to be biased, sometimes to the extreme.
    I think it’s pretty easy to sort out the real from the fake, in most cases. I like Amazon, in particular, where they have instituted the “Real Name” process which gives one the option of using his or her REAL NAME, versus a nickname. Those who use Real Name – like me -tend to provide more balanced reviews. Accordingly, I look for them first.

  6. says

    Hi Krist, it really depends on a number of factors whether I really like and/or trust the reviewer, for example if I know a bit of his/her background.
    Also you can often read in the review whether the reviewer is genuinely interested in describing the ups/downs of the product/service or if he/she just wants to sell it.
    I usually read many product reviews before ordering products to inform myself about specific details and features of the product or service.

  7. says

    In my opinion I trust actual user reviews, they are from normal people who have bought the problem and let you know the hard facts and not a sales pitch. This way of buying has saved me countless mistakes!

  8. says

    Kristi, my concern is that you may overextend yourself. I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but I see you all over the Internet, and I know all that writing and interacting takes time.

    I’m sure there are very few people in this world that know as much as you do about good SEO, getting backlinks, and building buzz, so you will likely enjoy good success with it…

    You obviously have a large and loyal readership here, with a page rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 21831. I’ve been fine with your product reviews and feel that they fit fairly well with the other things you do here on Kikolani.
    John Soares just posted Why All Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Should Get a Flu Shot Now

    • says

      It definitely does take time and I appreciate that being noticed. :) I know that I do have readers here who would rather get just info and no product reviews, as that is the foundation of this site. Plus, I find that if I’m writing about different topics on different sites, it is actually a bit easier (vs. writing about blogging all of the time). Basically whatever I’m in the mood to write about, I now have an outlet for many different ideas, and I’m (currently) filled with tons of them!

  9. says

    I think you are doing the right thing in two ways. #1 keeping this blog as intended so people can focus on the main topics and not get lost with divergent choices. #2 by only recommending things you have personally tried. There is a great example from where I live where a well known celebrity endorsed a new mobile phone system. The system had huge problems for over 6 months and it turned out the celeb had not had the chance to try the system as they were advertising before it went live. Lots of very unhappy people and that celeb will probably never endorse anything over here now as they are the face of the failure.

  10. says

    Kristi, I think you are on the right path and most users would want to see the real reviews not marketing stuff. If you keep giving the honest opinion, you might make more money than other marketing guys.