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Writing Around the Web is a monthly series highlighting guest posts I’ve written on blogging, business, SEO, social media, and other topics!

Featured Post – How to Optimize Social Media Profiles for SEO

This month’s featured piece just went live today and is part of the 2011 Bad-Ass SEO Blogging Contest.

Blogging Contest

How to Optimize 7 Popular Social Media Profiles for SEO covers how certain social networks use specific elements of information that you supply in your profile to optimize each profile on their network. This post will guide you to the right fields to optimize for the best possible search optimization of your social media profiles on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

What’s at stake in this blogging contest? A nice cash prize of $1,000!

So if you’re interested in helping me become the next bad-ass SEO blogger finding out how to optimize your social media profiles for search for better personal and professional branding:

  • Check out this post and follow the step-by-step directions.
  • Leave me a comment with any questions or thoughts – I’ll be happy to help!
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As always, any comment and social love will be greatly appreciated – especially since I made this a late entry and only have a few days to promote it! :)


  • Creating a Successful Blog Post – From Idea to Promotion – So how do you create a blog post? And not just any blog post, but a successful one? It’s about having a plan, from idea to promotion and everything in between. Here is my blog post process in stages.
  • 7 Tips for Creating Posts that Will Spread on Social Media – If you want a post that is going to spread like wildfire, you have to consider the following when creating your content to ensure that your post will be given extra social media love.
  • 5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Comments – One of the best things about using the self-hosted version of the WordPress platform (i.e. not WordPress.com) is the plugins. Sure you get great functionality with the base system, but you can enhance it using plugins, and the comment system – the heart of the community of your blog – is not excluded from enhancement. These are my favorite WordPress comment plugins.
  • 5 Tips for Better Affiliate Product Reviews – Better reviews lead to increased affiliate marketing commissions. Learn how to make yours awesome with these 5 tips!


Social Media

  • Digg Marketing Guide – This post will help you learn to use Digg for sharing your awesome content with a larger audience.
  • Displaying Social Proof – What the Marketing Experts Use – Here are the common tools, apps, widgets, buttons, and platforms the experts use to demonstrate social proof.
  • 20 Most Influential People in Social Media – Take a look into the world of social media – the who’s who of people you have probably seen around the social media-sphere a time or two while demonstrating their expertise in a variety of fields and others who you might just be hearing about for the first time.
  • The Power 150 Real Numbers Revealed – Being the statistics junkie I am, I thought I would take a peak into the real numbers behind the AdAge Power 150. Here’s what I found, along with some other stats I like to use to measure the strength of a blog when doing a little competitive analysis
  • How to Use Twitter for Local Business – If you’re operating a local business, you can use the interactive nature of Twitter to find and engage local tweeters who are interested in your brand. Here are some tools and tips to help local businesses do just that.

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    Awesome! The link to the Social Profiles SEO writeup was very helpful. The graphics make it easy to digest, which is good, because there’s so much information on that page; it’s like an ebook! It’s great that it mentions things like where the do follow links are given, as that is not obvious to everyone.

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    Wow thanks for all these article shares Kristi! I haven’t really done too much with digg and think I should start. In terms of the focusing on the product for affiliates, I have structured my posts to be more product specific, like featuring one of my favorite products from a sale and have found great success with that. And it also allows me to type the designer name and affiliate’s name without sounding too much like an advertiser. Will be reading the rest of these. Great writing!
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