Writing Around the Web – Twitter Tools, Measuring Blog Growth, and Affiliate Marketing Organization

Writing Around the Web is a monthly series highlighting guest posts I’ve written on blogging, business, SEO, social media, and other topics!


  • Increase Earnings by Organizing Your Affiliate Information – Get all of your affiliate marketing information all in one place! The following are important pieces of information I have in my Google Spreadsheet to organize my affiliate marketing resources.
  • How to Measure Your Blog’s Growth – Keeping track of your blog’s progress is important to see if your current strategies are working or are in need of an update. In this post, you will learn what numbers you will want to keep track of, and the free tools you can use to get these numbers.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Online Branding and Building Authority Part 1 – Blogging – Building authority takes online branding to the next level by making each online presence for a brand authoritative. It goes beyond just about creating a blog or social media account. The following are ways you can build your online brand as well as your authority.


  • Measuring & Adjusting Your Online Marketing Strategy – One of the keys to a successful online marketing strategy is knowing what to measure and how to measure it. So whether your online marketing consists of social media, search optimization, PPC, or other tactics, here are some simple steps to take to measure your strategies for the best results.
  • 5 Great Examples of Company Blogs – Let’s take a look at how some major brands are utilizing company blogs, how they are doing, and ways they could improve. What we find out along the way will help you develop the best approach for your own company blog.
  • Which Blogging Platform Is Right for Your Company – Here’s a list of some of the most popular blogging platforms to help you decide which one is best for your business.
  • 6 Great Video Sharing Sites for Business – If your business is interested in leveraging the popularity of online videos, you’ll want to host those videos on networks where they’ll get the most brand exposure. Here are six great video-sharing sites to consider for your video marketing campaign.
  • 7 Creative Ways to Get Customer Testimonials – Great testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legit, but awesome enough that other people are seeing great results from it. The question is, how do you get believable testimonials? Let’s look at some of the sites you can collect reviews upon, as well as how to encourage reviews from your customers and how to gather them from all around the web.


  • 9 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics 5 – Here are nine awesome things you can do with Google Analytics 5 that will help you get the most out of your analytics information and use it to improve your website’s content, conversions, and user experience.
  • How to Survive Future Algorithm Updates – Google’s main goal with this and subsequent Panda updates was to start purging low quality sites from its search results. So the question is, how can you protect your site from future algorithm updates?

Social Media

  • Top 10 Most Popular Pages on StumbleUpon – What kind of content does well on StumbleUpon? Let’s find out by looking at a sample of the 10 most popular viewed pages in StumbleUpon. Be prepared to have your funny bone tickled and your skills tested!
  • Organize Your Twitter Following with Formulists – Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of people you are following, or are following you? If you have ever wished you could find a better way to organize your Twitter connections, but just don’t have the time to pick through everyone and create Twitter lists, then you’re in luck. Formulists is a service that will allow you to create customized Twitter lists and automatically update those lists with new followers that fit your specifications.
  • How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags – Once you know exactly how to use hashtags, the next challenge is to find the best hashtags to incorporate into your tweets. Here are some great resources that will help you do just that.
  • 10 Twitter Tools Used by Social Media Experts – Take a look at what the social media and industry experts are using! Here are ten Twitter applications and tools used by some of the top Twitterers.

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      You’re welcome John! I do my best to keep it unique, which is sometimes tough when writing on a variety of sites on the same topics. :)

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    I thought the article about Google Analytics 5 was interesting but those awesome things weren’t new things. We could already see some of these things in the “old analytics” but now they just have a new layout.

    I also really liked the article on surviving future algorithm updates from Google and I agree with everything it said except for lowering your bounce rate. Of course it’s important to have a low bounce rate if you want more conversions on your site, but there’s no way Google can monitor your bounce rate for search results (even if they were stealing data from Google Analytics – not everyone uses that). There’s no realistic way to get that statistic of a site’s bounce rate.
    Techie just posted Switch to a Better DNS

    • says

      Some of them are new Techie, like the custom dashboards. It wasn’t meant to be new things, but more of a guide to the new version of Analytics for people who haven’t used some of the advanced features.

      I think Google can tell bounce rate – maybe not the exact number, but from user search patterns. If a lot of people search a particular keyword phrase, click on the first result, then search that phrase again or click on the next result shortly thereafter, that would tell Google that the first result isn’t cutting it for that keyword. I’m sure there’s a more algorithmic way to find that out. :)

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      Definitely Ray! I find the setup and organizing the tools is the worst part, but once you get that in order, actually compiling the stats every month only takes 10 – 15 minutes and can be well worth it!

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    Excellent choice of post about any topic in fact. I am really interested in some of them. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will share some other post of the same kind.

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    Love these lists. Never even heard of Kissmetrics, or some of the tools on that list. But buffer seems to be getting some traction! I remember when that guy was out there guest posting (still is) trying to spread awareness of it. Guess it worked!

    • says

      Leo is rocking the guest posting world hard! He did one for me a while back and now I notice him pretty much everywhere. If I didn’t already use HootSuite, I’d definitely use Buffer.

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    Hey Kristi,

    Thanks for putting together such a great resource. I’ve got three of the links open in a new tab; I’m going to spend today just catching up on my reading as I’ve set my schedule to only dig through new stuff once a week.

    I’m really interested in the SU top 10 because there’s a lot to be learned when you can see what does and does not work.