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10 Free Blogging eBooks That Should Be Paid

Free ebooks are common online these days. Some of them are free because they are nothing more than sponsored swill provided for the sake of marketing, getting people on mailing lists and conducting possible research. Which has sadly given the format a bad name, especially when it comes to any ebook promising tips or advice on making money or improving a business venture.

Free ebooks are common online these days. Some of them are free because they are nothing more than sponsored swill provided for the sake of marketing, getting people on mailing lists and conducting possible research. Which has sadly given the format a bad name, especially when it comes to any ebook promising tips or advice on making money or improving a business venture.

Despite this, not every one out there offering this service is a scam. In fact, there are many that give us good tips, advice and knowledge about blogging. Whether it is as a business or a personal project, you can improve your blog using these ten ebooks about blogging that are free, but shouldn’t be.

1. Empowering Your Writing: A Free Manifesto

Farnoosh is the creator of blog Prolific Living. Once a member of the corporate world working for a Fortune 500 company, she eventually felt that her time and energy was being wasted, and that she wanted a more fulfilling career.

So, she began working for herself, namely as a writer. Which was a wonderful decision, as Prolific Living has become a popular and helpful source for others choosing the same kind of lifestyle. Her ebook, Empowering Your Writing: A Free Manifesto is about writing itself, common mistakes, how to improve your work, the importance of fresh eyes and understanding your skills and more.

2. 10,000+ Subscribers

In 2009, Glen of ViperChill made a huge decision. He quit his stable job working as a Social Media Manager for various large companies, and he began working for himself online. Since then, he has not only been able to make a decent living, but his blog has become wildly popular. So much so that he has been featured through media sources like The Guardian, Wired and Forbes.

While his site is full of useful tips he has learned, he focused his ebook on one specific topic: how his blog grew to more than 10,000 subscribers within a single year. Anyone who has owned a blog knows what an accomplishment that is, as it is not a matter of traffic but of maintaining interest and generating loyalty in readers.

3. Guest Blogging eBook

Disclaimer: this eBook was created by me and I did get a few offers to help market it as a paid book. I decided not to.

I’ve been heavily engaged in guest blogging throughout my independent search marketing career (which is about 6 years now). The results: our free guest blogging network as well as plenty of articles giving advice on how to excel in any project and guest blog “the right way”.

One day I gathered all of that information together, added a bit more and put it all in an ebook that people could download for free. Full of information on improving guest blogging, it is regularly updated with new content. Feel free to subscribe to the blog to make sure you get the newest version available.

4. 30 Days, 30 Experts

CTO of website Chitika Alden DoRosario came up with a great series event for readers. He gathered together thirty experts on the topic of blogging, and had one of them write an in-depth post on a subject of their choosing. Then, he provided those posts over 30 days in what he said was a move to “empower the blogger”. What resulted was a fantastic collection of educational and inspiring posts by masters in the business.

These have now been gathered and provided in an ebook format for users who want to read it and have it on hand. With so much great information from people who really know their stuff, it is a valuable resource you don’t want to miss out on.

5. Blog Mastermind

Don’t be fulled by some marketing claims on the eBook landing page. For example, that they can help you make $5,000+ per month with your blog working only a few hours a week. Don’t expect huge profits too fast.

Putting some questionable claims aside, this is a very useful read for any blogger. They call it a blueprint of acquiring blog profits, and the information is useful, so worth a look.

6. Make Money Online

John Chow is a well known marketing and blogger who has written a ton of fantastic content to help bloggers. His ebook is, as he says, a way to stick it to the ebook marketers that provide worthless content for large amounts of money. His book is provided for free to help redirect the tone of demand.

However, he admits that it is not done purely out of the goodness of his heart. Through social media and word of mouth, he will generate more traffic. Not to mention the link back in the ebook itself. So he benefits from giving you free material.

7. Everything You Know About Traffic Is Wrong

It might seem like a bit of an overstated title, but this ebook actually manages to prove that it is true. At least to a certain extent. Two Hour Blogger goes through a tell-all process of addressing common misconceptions or outdated notions of generating traffic, and then gives you an updated means of approaching the topic.

Of course, some of their information will be somewhat controversial. For example, they state that social media is a waste of time, and that you should completely dismiss SEO- which might not be true (to say at least). However the ebook itself is great. You will definitely learn something.

8. WordPress SEO For Beginners

WordPress is an excellent source of simple blogging for those who want to limit the technical involvement and focus more on content. But they are a little complicated for those without experience in the way of SEO. Especially since a few updates slightly changed the process.

This ebook by Blog Oh! Blog attempts to simplify it for you, so you don’t have to struggle. All they ask for is feedback on the forum, though that isn’t mandatory.

9. Make Money Blogging

Daily Blog Tips is not nearly as well known as it should be. But their articles are regularly reblogged and linked, as well as quoted. So the traffic is high, even if the comment ratio per visitor is lacking.

If your concern is writing premium content and generating visitors and subscribers, this is an excellent ebook. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and download it. You will end up on a mailing list for their newsletter, but it is one of the rare lists actually worth being on.

10. Getting Results The Agile Way

Good for more than just blogging, this book introduces you to the Agile System, a patented method of increasing goal results and achieving a better balance in your life. The agile system is currently being used by most popular SaaS companies.

It is especially great for time management tips, which is an important element to running a blog, and one that many ebooks seem to miss.

There is an emphasis on regularly giving yourself a fresh start to look at each new project or part of life with fresh eyes, instead of burning out. Very helpful and available through a link when you scroll down the page above.


Welcome to a new age of book viewing. With ebooks, anyone can pass on valueable information they have amassed through education and experience. All they have to do is publish it themselves online, and offer it to others free of cost. There are plenty of great ones available.

The ten above are examples of free books that would easily be worth paying for. What are some of your favorites? Link them in the comments.

By Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the Brand and Community Manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas and founder of MyBlogU. You can find her tweeting as @seosmarty