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10 Outreach Tools Every Marketer Needs

The front and center of outreach marketing is the process of creating meaningful connections with other people, instead of just trying to make a sale. Today, users dwell on multiple digital channels and spend a whole lot of time there. They do not only engage in witty commenting, but also seek information about brands and make online purchases. This is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to get their name in front of  people and capture their attention via innovative internet marketing tactics.

Many have decided to ditch the traditional models and are now embracing the newfangled thinking. Everyone can make a blog, but gaining prominence in the overcrowded cyber realm is an entirely different endeavor. Therefore, one should weave outreach methods into all communication strategies and strive to discover creative ways of conveying the brand story.  These are the tools that any versatile marketer’s arsenal should contain.



Over the years, the blogosphere has evolved into a prosperous hunting ground for marketers, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to promote their projects and ideas. To establish yourself as a trusted voice, you first have to forge connections with renowned bloggers. One of the best tools for finding contacts and shaping reputation is BuzzSumo. First and foremost, you can filter results by the time frame. That way, one is able to spot people who cover the topics you seek to get into and inspect how they are doing on social media.

The software also features alerts that are tied to specific keywords, links, author names, domains or brands. Tracking competitors is nice and easy, and on top of that, you are supplied with many new ideas for your own posts. Basically, what you get is a deep insight into most popular subjects, keywords, types of content and key influencers. So, get the buzz started and utilize this tool as an indispensable part of your social media toolbox.



This one is a Google+ circle management tool, tailored for those who want to find big names on one of the most popular social networks on the globe. Adding and removing people used to be a tedious process, but now users can pinpoint active influential members of any Google+ community. What is more, one can monitor the current peers in terms of people they follow and events or hangouts they attend. As a result, you have a much clearer picture of this booming social landscape.

By exploring a truckload of filters, you can customize the feed and ensure that the tool serves your specific needs. Thus, you also overcome the problem of finding people who are interested in the same niche as you. Contacting someone is no longer a shot in the dark: Circloscope enables you to round up your social strategy and illuminates your path to dominating Google+. Note that the free version has some great features, but paid one takes it all to the next level.

Klear (former Twtrland)


Platforms like Twitter are an integral part of a successful outreach strategy. Although this popular network does not offer Analytics to all accounts, Klear thrives on the data and analysis capabilities that accounts provide. Namely, you can take a bird’s eye view of the ecosystem that forms around big brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The quality of the feedback is top-notch and a few other pieces of software can rival Klear in this department.

So type the skill, location or the name in the search bar and filter the results by factors like influence level and niche. One can follow multiple accounts and take advantage of the slice & dice data, as well as performance overview. The list of features goes on and includes publishing option which is perfect for tapping into conversations of interest.  Whether you want to promote your offerings, build an appealing image, or identify solid guest posting opportunities, Klear has got you covered.


moz seo toolbar

An all-around SEO toolbar is something no marketer or blogger should dare to say no to. Grasping all the facts and figures is a tough call, especially if you are still new to the highly-competitive SEO arena. Luckily, MozBar is just what you need to get hold of the vital metrics. You can access the SERP overlay of the page and domain authority, as well as take a look at links to traffic data sites. Generating the link analysis makes the blogger’s life easier.

The data is put to use via toolbar, but it is also presented upon entering keywords on search engines. A Firefox version also permits you to export SERPs to a CVS file. This comes in handy because you can use MozBar hand in hand with other tools such as SEO Gadget bulk analysis. While helping a great deal in amplifying the outreach strategies, this SEO tool from Moz also increases your chances of driving relevant traffic to your website.



Link building is the backbone of the undertaking to improve the ranking and visibility in the online community. This essential aspect of any SEO strategy must work in synergy with your outreach methods. This is a tough call, especially for those who are still new to the highly-competitive SEO arena. That is when this advanced link building tool comes in to save the day.

Namely, Dibz harnesses the power of anti-spam algorithms and filters out shabby prospects. A quick preview option is enough to decide whether the quality of the link satisfies your goals and guidelines. Moreover, a seamless user interface will provide a practical, straightforward environment for navigating all the functionalities. The beauty of it is that you can search naturally on Google, while using custom filters to get the best possible results. One of the best things about Dibz is that you can export your list of prospect into a CSV sheet and use it for an automated outreach.

Gmail Canned Responses

canned responses

Email marketing is still pretty much alive despite the announcements of its imminent demise. We all know, however, that without the right approach it can turn into a time-consuming ordeal. On the brighter note, this tool from Gmail Labs equips you with easy-to-use email templates. Now, the name suggests the program is built only for purposes of responding to emails, but this is not the case. Canned Responses is best employed when you clothe your initial approaches with it as well.

The trick is to edit the template a bit each time, and put a section that is a personal note to the blogger. Otherwise, your mail will be snowed under the mountain of similar, generic messages. Fortunately, getting started is simple as ABC, as you just need to name your template, save it and compose the email. The best thing is that you do not even have to download anything: This tool is available in the Labs tab of your Gmail settings.


Follow ups are stepping stones towards the success of outreach strategies.  FollowUp.CC lets you simplify and automate this activity by setting reminders. Users are required to email the service provider with a custom email address and determine when they want to have their memory jogged. The command can be put in two slots and the choice depends on whether you want the other party to receive the reminder or not.

Another cool thing is that the tool pulls relevant conversations up in your inbox. The only limitation is that you have to use a conversation-related platform like Gmail. The best thing about FollowUp.CC is probably that it spares you of the overwhelming snooze system, stubby graphics and clunky formatting. It does not eat up your window space for nothing, and also gives you a chance to log into a web interface to see the calendar with all reminders.



Next on our list is an enterprise level tool for influencer research.  It best serves people who are aware of all the benefits of acquiring third party recommendations. People who are convinced in the quality and relevance of your offerings will do the marketing for you, free of charge. The good news is also that it does not get much better than Traackr when you aspire to get your outreach priorities straight.  

Users may export their existing contacts and gain access to full profiles of trusted individuals, experts and connoisseurs. Traackr will keep a close eye on the content they post and conversations they take part in, while the network analysis shows you the framework of contacts around key influencers. Finally, users have geo-targeting and multi-lingual filtering options at their disposal. This is all swell for bringing some advocates into your brand to solidify its foundations on the busy market.



Being at its core a customer relationship tool, Nimble does a lot more than just managing your database of contacts.  It pulls together your social messages, emails and social communication and displays them all in one place. This brings forth a plethora of possible applications. First off, you have a built-in task management, various browser add-ons and means for handling deals and sales pipeline.  

Furthermore, managers and business owners can inspect connections between their teams and contacts, and see when the related activities were last exercised. Not only that, Nimble also ranks contacts based on their relevance. This spurs many benefits for customer service and gives you a chance to keep your fingers on the pulse of your niche. After all, word of mouth promotion can do wonders for your reputation in the public’s eye, and spread your brand awareness far and wide.

Outreach cannons at the ready

Knowing where to allocate your time and resources in the vast digital ocean is what gives you an edge over the competition’s armadas. It is an imposing challenge, but with the help of cutting-edge tools, you should be able to formulate your plans, keep track of the progress and boost the effectiveness of your efforts.  The only thing you need to do is see to it that you do not end up with a can of worms in your hand, but a great tool such as Canned Responses.

Also, bear in mind that all the tools in the world will not make up for the lack of human touch and authentic communication. The problem is that the influential people are constantly getting pitched by marketers, so you have to stand out in the roaring crowd. Communication is a two way street, but dotted with some dark alleys and dead ends. The appropriate software is paramount for steering clear of them and diving into the brave new marketing world.

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Great list Marcus.

As someone who does a lot of influencer outreach, I’m always looking for tools to help me identify potential prospects and streamline the outreach process. I already use some of the tools you mentioned but Klear is a new one to me.

Will check it out!


Hi Clement,

Thanks a lot! Yes, the tool is quite useful for exploring Twitter and influencers on Twitter. It’s a relatively new tool for me as well.

Thanks for commenting.



Buzzsumo just got recommend all over the place, just got here from Neil Patel and he’s also recommending. Love these tools, how about SumoMe, its pretty much 1 plugin and they got everything. wow…


Hey Marcus, Great post as always.

Thank you for sharing this awesome collection of content marketing tools. I have been recommended Buzzsumo by good friend of mine and I have been using it for a while now, and I have to say, I have grown to love it.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the praise. I’ve been using Buzzsumo for almost a year now and it has always delivered. A couple of weeks ago Buzzsumo introduced a new feature in-depth articles, so now you can even filter content by its length (2000+ words) which is a handy feature if you want to find relevant industry insights that have good social media potential, this is just an updated info since this option was not available at the time I wrote this piece.


Great post. I’ve not heard of, but it sounds similar to Boomerang for Gmail, have you tried that too?

Also, have you tried Rapportive for gmail? I really like it!

I’ll check-out, sounds interesting!

Hi Marcus,

Great list of outreach tools.

I would like to setup and outreach for link buiding. Currently, I am reading some guides how to do it right. Out of the tools you mentioned above which one would you recommend to me.

I am considering BuzzSumo. Will that work for link building outreach?

Excellent post Marcus, I am bookmarking it for sure. 🙂

I am about to start outreach for one of my projects and I’ll be sure to try each one of these tools.

I only knew about Buzzsumo on this list. In your opinion, how are Ninja Outreach and BuzzStream?

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