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10 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog Posts

This is a guest post by Heather Higgins.

“Quality over quantity” is one of those sayings that gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to content publishing and marketing, they are truly words to live by. Blog development is more than presentation. Your success ultimately lies in the hands of your posts. The quality of your content is everything.


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Without further ado, here are ten simple things you can do to improve your blog posts.

This is a guest post by Heather Higgins.

“Quality over quantity” is one of those sayings that gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to content publishing and marketing, they are truly words to live by. Blog development is more than presentation. Your success ultimately lies in the hands of your posts. The quality of your content is everything.


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Without further ado, here are ten simple things you can do to improve your blog posts.

1. Optimize All the Time

First thing’s first – optimize your content. Each post you create should contain keywords you think readers will use to look for your topic in their favorite search engine whether it is blogging, sports, or fashion. You can further optimize by deep linking within your blog, and linking to relevant third-party sites.

2. Choose a Good Title

Most people decide whether or not they will read a blog post based on this factor alone. No wonder so many copywriting experts say that the title is almost as important as the article content itself. Ideally, you want a title that is short, keyword-rich, and sums up what your post is all about.

3. Thoroughly Edit Your Stuff

It’s fairly easy to write out a post, scan over it, and then click “Publish” – especially when you’re busy and short on time. Unfortunately, this method is prone to errors, which will eat at your credibility when that post goes live. Read your stuff multiple times before hitting that irreversible button and if you must, use a third-party editor.

4. Make It Reader-Friendly

A good blog post appeals to search engines and human visitors as well. However, if your posts come off as too difficult to read, they may be ignored. This is why it pays to touch up your content with short paragraphs, bullet points, and other formatting elements that make it easier to digest and less intimidating on first glance.

5. Use Multimedia

Few blog posts will make an impact without compelling copy that grabs the reader and encourages them to take action. But even the most well-written pieces could use a little help. Insert a captivating image or video clip, and your post instantly becomes more attractive to both readers and search engines alike. The popularity of Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube prove that visual content is more powerful than ever.

6. Change Your Design

Believe it or not, but your blog design could hinder the quality of your posts. Perhaps the advertisements or dynamic content in your sidebars is distracting readers from the main course or worse, blocking the search engines from indexing your page. In this case, it would be wise to scale down and go with a simpler look. A solid blog design can lay the foundation and set the tone for a successful post.

7. Start the Conversation

They say social media is where the conversations take place. That might be true, but before there was a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, there were plenty of discussions taking place in the blogosphere. The more people you get talking, the better, and for you, starting the conversation on your blog could be as simple as ending a good post with a question.

8. Incorporate Your Voice

The best blogs are written in a natural, conversational tone that makes the experience more personal for the reader. Nobody wants to read something that sounds like it’s being dictated by a corporate robot. People want to know that they are interacting with real people. So even if you are promoting a product of service, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own unique voice.

9. Get Social With It

People love to interact with social media – even from other sites. This is why you commonly find buttons from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks all over the web. You can improve the SEO value and overall quality of your blog posts by simply including buttons and icons that allow readers to connect to wherever you dwell in the social realm.

10. Get to Know Your Readers

This may actually be the simplest thing you can do to improve your blog posts. After all, you are trying to cater to an audience, so when you adopt the mindset of putting their needs first, you start paving the path toward better content. Whether it is a through a survey or dialogue in the comments section, if you get to know your readers, you will be able to churn out high-quality posts on a consistent basis.

Content is, and will forever be king. What are you doing to improve your blog posts?

By Heather Higgins

Heather works at web design & online marketing company 9th sphere. She has a passion for technology & the dynamic, exciting world of the Web.

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Hey Heather Mam,

Thanks for these awesome tips, I mostly prefer the design of a blog, And believe that without an attractive design blog content can be useless. A Design also greatly affects the bounce rate too, this can also turn your blog new visitor, into a returning visitor. Anyway, congrats for this awesome Guest Post on Kikolani.

Well Done! wishing you best your blogging career. Thanks a lot for this post.

I agree. The design of the blog definitely affects the bounce rate. It also affects the conversion rate. I’ve been testing with Google Experiments and it seems A/B split testing using that particular section in Google Analytics actually works out great.

Great read! More emphasis is being given to the quality of your content than ever before! Personally, I recommend writing for readers (actual human beings) rather than writing for search engines. I also think it is essential to write unique, interesting, well-researched and thought-provoking content.

Thanks for this useful list Heather …. I couldn’t help smiling when I read #3 – especially after the second word in #1 jumped out at me! Those darned apostrophes keep turning up where they aren’t wanted…

I think most people forget that a good title is key. If your title contains just enough wit/content but leaves the reader wanting to read more, then you have crafted a great title.

All the other pointers you gave were also great advice. Looks like you hit all the key points you gave out. Nice job!

Thanks for all the great tips to help improve our blog post. I like the tip about making sure your design doesn’t hinder your post. It seems sometimes we are inundated with too much information, keeping the design simple is an excellent way to keep the focus on our content.

10 Powerful Tips shared! I love this one, and before I proceed, I came from twitter and searching @blogtips I was able to find your wonderful blog. Sometimes, you know, am really inspired to write a blog posts, but I found it too boring because am just writing and writing – I do not see any reader’s engagement at my blog… so I realize I need to come out from the open too. And exposing myself to these kinds of tips are worthy, yeah, 30 minutes of reading and commenting, it will paid off. Thank you again!

Hi Heather,

Yes – I do agree with the great tips you’ve shared in the post. Though when it comes to optimizing all the time it is a definite must – but also not going to do you good If you over-optimize your content and website. With the recent updates in algorithms from Google this has become another issue for quite a couple of webmasters who has done too much optimization. The trick is not to let Google know you are trying to beat them (especially when linking internally and most importantly externally) but to show them the quality of content and where to find the content (thanks to SEO – both onpage and offpage “signals” alike).

Made me think if I’m doing all these things before and after I publish. I guess being an SEO Specialist, there are some things here that are easily overlooked in exchange for ‘optimizing’ your content to max out your content’s SEO.
Thanks for the good reminder Heather!

At last, I found one from Philippines. You know, it’s really hard to be a SEO specialist, I don’t really know if I have done my best or not… or if all I have done for my blog are just a waste of time… but it seemed I am into it… and learning from people like you fuel me up…

I also think that multimedia is important to spicen up that blog post. Many views are just not into reading but listening or viewing. Some just like to view videos. On top, pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for these great tips.

Getting to know our readers is one of the most important things that can dramatically improve our blog posts. I have seen that from my experience so far as a blogger.

It is always very important to “know” what our readers want from us. Without that information, a blog post will simply miss the meat! Every niche focused blog has a focused audience and it is not a big deal to get to know what the audience in that niche are after 🙂

Thanks for this wonderful post Heather!

Hi Heather,
great tips. All of them are important but IMHO points #8,#9 and #10 are the most important – they add something additional to our posts – our point of view 😉
Thanks for sharing, Chris

Recently started on one of my blogs to really ‘incorporate my voice’. I tried it before by using videos, making a podcast, but it was all a too big of a leap to take.

You can write as well with your own voice, by telling a story instead of giving just some advice. And as I changed my design as well, this helped me big time in relating with the readers more!

Great article.

You have written nothing controversial, Heather. All 10 of those items would serve well on a todo checklist for any blog. They are fundamentals of writing good blog posts. Fundamentals will always be important. It is amazing how much time people proficient in music, sports, or the theatre will spend practicing the fundamentals of their disciple.

For me, I need to figure out ways to branch out and get social with social media. I also need to connect more with readers.—#9 & #10 speak to me.

Prooreading (#3) will be my next blog post. When proofreading is incomplete, it can ruin a lot of hard work.

I agree that thoroughly editing your blog or site is important. I find it off-putting to see errors on a site, even if they are small grammatical ones. It indicates a lack of professionalism on the part of the writer and professionalism is what makes your blog successful and makes you money.

Excellent and easy-to-follow these tips are! And I agree with each and everyone. I would just like to reiterate the importance of honing one’s own voice as a blogger. Blogging is, after all, another form of writing. And if you look at all the successful writers and also bloggers you will see that they have all cultivated their own voices.

Hey Heather,
Such a good post, all above mentioned points are useful and easy to follow. These days Social Media Playing Important role, all other points are also good. thanks

Hi Heather,
I really enjoyed reading your post.

No. 7 “Start the Conversation…” is a huge one, back in the days a simple call to action was enough. In my opinion, today with all the distractions it is much harder to keep visitors on one’s blog. Therefor the content itself must be more engaging with questions throughout the whole post.

Thank you,

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