4 industries that need to correlate online & offline signage

Everywhere you go, you see signs. Signs are so commonplace in offline marketing that you may not even realize how often you actually come into contact with them. But these signs have a highly specific purpose. Signage allows customers to bring awareness about a particular business or event. Often times, people need signs to attract their ideal customer in places they would otherwise miss them. On the other hand, some people use signs as a means of expression or to support an idea.

In today’s highly connected world, digital signs — or advertising — play a key role in the flow of things, too. Here are four different industries and quick ways to combine your on and offline methods within them:

Real Estate

Real estate signage is a necessary component of the real estate industry, and a required part of marketing any new listing. When selling property, real estate signs offer the most exposure. With real estate yard signs, you get a singular message with a powerful impact. This is one of the most straightforward types of signage you can have: it can list the realtor, developer, contact information, or any other necessary details, all in one place.

The purpose of real estate yard signage is to draw attention to your listing, and the same needs to happen with online listings, too. Fortunately, realtors and brokers can use technology to optimize their listings. For example, 360-degree videos can help create immersive experiences for buyers. You can also take advantage of drone technology to deliver stunning aerial footage of properties.


Every candidate running for office enlists the service of a campaign sign maker. In fact, campaign signs are synonymous with government office positions, and help candidates market themselves around the country. Campaign signage is one of the most basic tools required by a political organization, and quality signs help convey your message and spread the word.

There is a bit of psychology involved in yard signs, which are most prominent during a campaign. These yard signs help establish support, and the true power of signage lies in social proof and influence. This can especially help candidates in areas where their name is least recognized.

In addition to campaign signage, candidates should turn to online tools like social media to get their stance across. Today’s politicians are bypassing traditional media-to-audience filters by going the social media route. A great social media political campaign can even have the potential to go viral if executed correctly. This is the place where theycandidates can openly communicate with electorates and supporters. Engaging in dialogue with voters can mean the difference between a supporter and a lost vote. This can have a powerful impact: in 2012, President Obama had interacted with voters four times more than his competitors on social media, and this helped him win the race.


Offline business advertising can help get you the exposure you need. There are plenty of different options for signage when it comes to business. Car stickers, banners, and even in-store display signage can all help promote different facets of your business. Whether you’re advertising a sale or advertising a grand opening, signage can be your way of communicating with potential customers.

The best way to correlate online and offline signage is to create a cohesive marketing strategy across the two. Your physical signage should resemble the aesthetics of your online advertising. If you use corporate verbiage to promote your business offline, your ads should reflect that. Colors, font, and imagery should paint a picture about your brand across all mediums. People are more likely to remember your ads if they evoke the same message across different platforms.


Non-profits have a particularly trying job, as they’re expected to fundraise, usually with a lean approach to ad spend. You might need signage to attract volunteers, or to spread your nonprofit’s message. Either way, getting custom signage for your non-profit can be beneficial to your overall operations. If your nonprofit is struggling funds, here are a few creative ways to raise money for signage.

Offline, you can incorporate your signage into your email marketing strategy. In the nonprofit sector, email is 40x more effective than Facebook, and 80% of nonprofits use email to keep their supporters informed. Email marketing is easy to scale, and there are dozens of marketing platforms to choose from. Furthermore, it’s the most useful way to deliver content, which is critical for nonprofits who need to be able to tell their story and raise funds.


By Dan Steiner

Dan is our Editor here at Kikolani. He's a nationally recognized marketer, author, and business influencer. Currently, he serves as CMO at Elite Legal Marketing, a law firm marketing agency. Dan's published work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Entrepreneur, Inc, HuffingtonPost, GoDaddy, among many others. When he’s not writing or speaking, you can find Dan at the gym, backpacking, or volunteering at his local animal shelter.

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