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4 effective strategies for a rehab center to earn a positive reputation

Residential treatment centers have been in the news quite a bit lately. Designed to help people overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is important that yours has a positive reputation in order to earn the trust of potential clients. This is so important because individuals will be trusting you with overcoming a severe addiction. Their very life is on the line, so they want to know that the professionals they call on for help are really qualified to do the job. Drug rehab marketing is about much more than simple productive glossy brochures that highlight the cleanliness of your facility. To learn more, here are four effective strategies that will help your rehab earn a lasting and positive reputation.

Strategy 1: Solicit testimonials from past clients

Before many people enter a residential treatment facility, they want to hear from previous clients who have gone through the program. This is your opportunity to give your clients a voice. Many individuals will want to remain silent, but there are some who will want to talk about their struggles with substance abuse and how your program helped them to turn their life around. They will gladly give you such a testimonial in an effort to encourage others to enter the program like they did. Testimonials are a great first step in regard to effectively marketing your rehab center. You can place such testimonials in printed brochures, online websites and social media or Web 2.0 sites, and even in digital form via video or audio recordings. Making them available in different formats will open up your potential audience and gain you increased exposure.

Strategy 2: Highlight your various programs

When you consider how to market addiction rehab, it is important to remember that many of your prospects will come to you in an anxious state. They will not understand the process, and they will not know how to even begin their road to recovery. All they know is that they need help. To put their mind at ease, you will want to highlight the various programs that you offer at your facility. This will enable them to get a glimpse of what they are about to encounter and envision how it will help them to overcome their addiction. This form of marketing is highly effective because it provides prospects with the knowledge that they need to put their mind at ease and to feel good about their prospects should they ultimately decide to enter your facility.

Strategy 3: Provide informational material

It is also helpful to go above and beyond in your marketing material by providing free educational information. Many clients will find it helpful to read about their issues and learn about the process that they will need to go through in order to become sober once again. You do not need to wait until they become a client of yours in order to begin the helping and healing process. Sure, not everyone will become a paid client, but that should not be your ultimate goal here. The more you can educate and inform members of your local community, the more positive your reputation will be in society.

Strategy 4: Earn recommendations from professional organizations in the community

There will be professional organizations in your community that are held in high regard by much of the population. If you can earn recommendations from them, you will increase your own reputation and stature within the community as well. Such recommendations are not handed out lightly. They come about through hard work and a dedication to clients that goes far beyond what other facilities in the region are providing. If you can do this, people will see your marketing material and be more likely to pay attention because of the endorsements that you have received.

In summary…

These four strategies illustrate the importance of effectively marketing a substance abuse treatment facility as an example. Using this example, it is important to earn the trust of prospective clients and answer all of their questions prior to them entering the program. You will want to be open and transparent in all of the marketing material that you put out there. If you do that, you will be well positioned to encourage many more individuals to receive the help that you provide. Remember to keep your focus on helping clients become sober once again. If you do that, all other aspects of the business will fall into line.

By Deborah Anderson

When Deborah Anderson is not busy writing articles for popular, influential internet sites (yes, ghostwriting on behalf of some of your favorite thought leaders), she is finishing up on her dissertation on white-collar crime in the Los Angeles financial district, while completing her doctorate in Psychology.

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