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4 Ways to Fully Embrace the Social Media Trio and Maximize Results

This is a guest post by Daniel Sharkov.

The Social Media TrioSocial media – hate it or love it, but if you want to get your business ahead, you have to embrace it.

SEO definitely hasn’t lost its value, but nowadays finding your place among all those top-ranking sites is a tough and sometimes impossible task. Lately social media is turning into the easier way to gain exposure.

This is a guest post by Daniel Sharkov.

The Social Media TrioSocial media – hate it or love it, but if you want to get your business ahead, you have to embrace it.

SEO definitely hasn’t lost its value, but nowadays finding your place among all those top-ranking sites is a tough and sometimes impossible task. Lately social media is turning into the easier way to gain exposure.


As easy as getting social media traffic is, the more saturated a medium becomes, the harder focusing that traffic flow to you becomes. So, with thousands and thousands of marketers trying to get ahead of their games, you need to stand out!

Today’s post will take a look at four relatively easy ways to make a head start in the social game!

First off, what’s that social media trio?

No, I actually don’t think the answer isn’t something we already know. The three networks I am referring to are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Why I’ve chosen them?

  • Twitter – By utilizing a variety of tools I’ve been able to reach almost 60,000 followers. No overnight results though – for this to happen, I needed more than two years! And although Twitter might not be popular among most people it is popular among marketers. Not all businesses have a fan page but almost all have a Twitter account.
  • Facebook – As I said not as many businesses use Facebook, which makes for a less competition. Generating Facebook fans if you already have a blog and content to promote isn’t all that difficult. Facebook traffic makes for lower bounce rates and longer time spent on the blog.
  • Google Plus – It seems like many marketers steer away from Google’s social media platform. Although Google Plus has a relatively smaller userbase than say Facebook, the numbers are still in the millions range and the traffic potential will keep improving throughout time.

Having cleared that up, on to the actual tips we move!

1. Don’t Just Use Each Network Individually

One way to maximize your efforts and save time is to combine these three networks.

For instance you can share your Facebook stories on Twitter (with a link pointing to your Facebook page). If you post say three times a day, you will have 90 tweets, promoting your Facebook page every month.

It might seem a little self-promotional and it is. However as long as you sift out the good from the bad and share helpful articles, you will actually see your Facebook fan page expanding. From the two months of testing this approach I’ve actually never gotten a complaint.

The second approach I have also found beneficial is directly asking people to join me on Google Plus. When following someone on Google Plus, you have the added benefit of including them to a specific circle. Then at any time, you can choose which circles you want to monitor and which not to. This makes it fairly easy to persuade some of your followers to also get in touch with you on Google’s network.

2. Monitor Your Accounts and Schedule Updates

Firstly what does monitoring your accounts mean?

What I am referring to is basically taking the time to sign in every now and then into all Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and take a look at what people are saying about you and what you share, what they seem to enjoy and what they don’t.
That matters not only because you need to “prove you are real” (by taking the time to answer questions or reply to any feedback). All of this helps you get to know your audience better.

For instance comparing different stories you share on your fan page, can reveal different patterns. All of this might be a pointer that you need to modify the descriptions you write, that your blog post images aren’t good or that the content itself is simply not relevant.

As for the second point – scheduling updates…

After writing an article about automation and seeing the feedback, it turned out marketers don’t really like automation. And due to the thousands of “egg” spammers on Twitter that certainly has its explanation.

In reality however or at least based on what I have tried, a conflict between internet marketing and automation does not exist. Engagement i.e. answering questions and creating a discussion is the one thing you need to prove you are genuine. Why should it matter if your tweets are scheduled when the above is true?

So back to the point…

Why should you schedule updates?

  • Because it saves you time – does logging into and tweeting from there make you look any more genuine? I don’t think so.
  • Because you can’t be there all the time – on the other hand, especially when it comes to Twitter, sharing an update or two a day is simply not enough. You need at least a dozen of tweets every day to actually get traffic, which makes for lots of logging in and out.
  • Because of different time zones – Often it turns out that the best time to share a Facebook update is 3-4 AM. And you need to hit that time, since that is when your fans are most likely to like and share your updates. I guess staying awake until then isn’t an option…
The tool that will do just the job of scheduling fast and efficiently is Buffer. I am strongly recommending it!

3. Know That You Have to be There All the Time

No, there is no conflict between this subheading and what I said in the previous paragraph. What I mean by “all the time” is being consistent.

If you’ve been into social media for any more than a couple of weeks, you will have certainly noted what some marketers do. Instead of spreading their content throughout time, they simply “dump” all of it in one day.

NOTE: Even if we are talking about quality articles, sharing for instance a Google Plus update every hour is just not how getting followers works.

Being consistent doesn’t refer to daily posting frequency. It rather refers to a long term period. The behavior of people who post a lot in one day, then disappear for a week or two only to return for another day of sharing, seems to be the case namely when it comes to Google Plus.

Being consistent taught me that even if you share only a couple of stories, but you do it day in and day out, your stories will gradually start receiving more likes and hence you will start getting more followers. Whereas if you simply focus all that content in one day, no – you won’t get that same result but quicker. Not only that but people might even decide to stop following you, since their streams are filled with your updates only. You’ve probably muted a Facebook page or account due to that same reason. It isn’t any different when it comes to Google Plus.

4. Keep in Mind that Likes Aren’t the Name of the Game

So if you are consistent over time, you will soon start getting more likes, more retweets and more reshares. That however is pretty much the final part of the social media traffic generation machine.

From that point on the focus lays on your blog…

What a blogger should always do before starting to promote a blog is to make sure that the blog itself won’t scare visitors away.

So to make the most out of the social media traffic you are preparing to generate:

  • You have to work out any glitches in the design
  • You have to edit your posts and limit the number of typos
  • You need a related posts widget to keep visitors busy and browsing your blog
  • You need a good call to action to get visitors to buy, subscribe, etc.
If one of those is missing, then you better finish it first and then move on to promoting your content!

Final Words

These are some of the more important tips you should utilize in order to not only get traffic but to also make something out of that traffic. Remember – social numbers are useless if you can’t harness their power! On to you guys – do you have any advice to add up to the list? What other social media networks are worth giving a shot and why?

By Daniel Sharkov

Daniel Sharkov is an 18 year old student, marketer, blogger and a social media enthusiast. Make sure to check out Reviewz N Tips - the place, where he shares his insights and experience!

14 replies on “4 Ways to Fully Embrace the Social Media Trio and Maximize Results”

Yo Daniel,

Social media growth is such a need in today’s online world.

It is all about engagement and consistency just as you mentioned..

You will not have a large following overnight, so get started and grind out those updates and engagement on the social sites everyday till you get there!

Excellent article man! Many tips can be taken from here and put into use…

You are definitely right about Google Plus being one of those places that people seem to do randomly. I see Twitter and Facebook used more consistently than Google Plus.

I also agree about your recommendation of Buffer. Buffer is so helpful and I appreciate the fact that it is free for the most part. Another great tool I find that I rely on as much as Buffer is IFTTT. So helpful!

Great post!

Hey Stephano,

Yes, absolutely – many folks believe Google Plus ain’t worth the shot, which absolutely isn’t the truth.

As for Buffer and IFTTT – those two are an awesome combination indeed and great time-savers.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’m active on Google+. I like the platform and community, but it’s just too hard for me to maintain connection and interaction with more and more social media networks

Great summary of how best to use the ‘big 3’. I also agree about Buffer – I’ve only been using it for a week or so but it’s fantastic, so simple with the browser plug-in or directly from twitter.

Thanks for sharing! I love the tips. Absolutely, the social media marketing is way to grow audiences and business faster. I think that we should put social media advertising is the tip #5 because invest in social media could be promote out the blog brand.

It’s been a while I am using buffer and its a great to save your time and manage social media. I think I have to again look into my google+ profile, considering that it would help me to get some author rank. 🙂

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for publishing this post. Definitely the social media is one of the best way to get traffic to our website. Specially if the site is very new then its the best method to get traffic and increase the visibility in Google.
Kshitij Jain

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