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5 Hacks To Make The Most Out of Social Channels

Okay, let’s make a deal:

You read (not scan!) this post till the end, and I promise to share tricks you haven’t taken into consideration while choosing right social channels for your business.

Note: I said right.

I am sure you are awesome! I believe you have skills to bring every social channel to heel. But, I am also sure you understand it’s impossible to be awesome for everyone.

To make the most out of social channels, you should choose the right one for your business.

And here come several hacks that will help you succeed.

#1. Consider your content

Content is king. Yes, again. And yes, it brings you at least three content crises to overcome, but you still need it for brand awareness, building trust, communication with your customers, SEO, SMM, etc.

The fact is, different social channels speak different languages:

  • LinkedIn speaks the business language;
  • Facebook and Twitter speak the language of friends;
  • Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram speak the language of images;
  • Vimeo and Youtube speak the video language, etc.

social media language


Choosing social channels for your business, make sure you create content that speaks the same language with their audience. Otherwise, you’ll simply waste your time and money.

Plus, a powerful trick would be to forget about an audience. In his article for Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe, Thomas E. Hanna gives three reasons you should stop thinking of your audience:

  • it fails to cultivate relationships;
  • it treats social networks nothing but distribution channels;
  • it kills engagement.

“What the heck is your point here?” you might ask.

Don’t worry, as nothing is confusing here. Just change the approach: don’t think of building an audience but a community, as the community is what brings engagement.

The hack: Use the right writing tricks to hook members of different social channels. To build a strong community, you should know how to speak the same language with them.

#2. Know the character of every social channel

When I created the article for Convince & Convert about how to write for social media, I described the character of three most popular social networks:

  • Facebook is a big family of high school and college friends.
  • Twitter is a party where everyone talks all at the same time, and if you keep silence for a while – you’ll appear overboard.
  • Google+ is a hobby club where people come to share their passion.

Other channels don’t trail far behind, gritting the teeth too. When you choose a social channel for your business, you take its character into consideration to see if it fits your concept, self-presentation, marketing goals, strategy, and audience.

social media characters

#3. Don’t ignore statistics

I hate numbers, but they matter when it comes to business and analytics. Ignoring statistics and deciding to manage a Pinterest account just because “everyone does so” will come at a price.

  • Do you know how many active users does Pinterest have?
  • Do you know their demographics? Are you sure there are your customers among them?
  • So you check the statistics of every social network’s growth?
  • How old are average Instagram users? Are they guys or girls?

And the most important question, are there your customers among them?

statista data as for April 2016

Pay attention to all these factors before choosing a channel as it’s your chance to increase a conversion rate with social media.

#4 Follow your customers

As well as every clever digital marketer, you create buyer personas for your customers, don’t you? You know their gender, age, income level, hobbies, etc. Make sure to use these insights when choosing a social network that fits.

For instance, if your average customer is a 60-year-old man who loves fishing, you will hardly need Instagram.

Know what social networks your customers love, follow in their footsteps, and build trust with them there.

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social media demographics

Taken from

#5 Don’t sell

In the perfect world, social media is not used for selling.


Marketers use social channels to make connections and let the world know about their product or service. Users hate ads in their feeds, and they will hardly buy your product if you promote it aggressively.

The hack: Promote it in less than 10% of your social media posts. Educational and entertaining content would be a smart social media strategy for your business.

To Make a Long Story Short…

Which social network is right for you to choose?

  • Facebook: yes, if you are a B2C who is not afraid of competition and wants to reach a broad and niche audience. More than 70% online adults use Facebook today, and if your customers are among them – welcome.
  • Twitter: yes, if your audience is young men and women, tech-savvy ones; if you are a publication; or if you are a B2B looking for connections.
  • Google+: yes, if you are a strong B2B brand wanting to impact its SEO; and if your target audience is male professionals.
  • LinkedIn: yes, if you are a B2B service provider interested in winning marketers, networking, and job hunting. This social network is about business, not cats and memes.
  • Pinterest: yes, if your audience is women and you sell products for them. Food and fashion rule here; so, if your content is big visuals – welcome. 70% of Pinterest users are on Pinterest for shopping inspiration.
  • Instagram: yes, if your audience is millennials and if your content is visual.
  • YouTube: yes, if you are a visually driven brand describing products and services to your customers via videos.

Are you still here? Great!

What social channels do you use for your business? What factors do you take into consideration when deciding on strategy?

By Lesley J. Vos

Lesley Vos is a content strategist and blogger at She is honored to write for many well-known publications, sharing her experience in blogging, writing, and content marketing. Lesley is going to publish her e-book this year. She is open to criticism, she works on improving her writings constantly, so you are always welcome to contact her on Google+ with comments.

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Good thoughts. I think the targeted understanding is very useful. But I also think with especially Twitter and Facebook even in secondary and tertiary ways they are very powerful. While friends talking is a decent metaphor at the most common level for them the business use of them is pretty strong. I agree with the ideas shared here I would just also say, Twitter and Facebook even in their less iconic uses are very powerful and used very effectively by many people and businesses.

And I believe this is true even though I don’t like Facebook and don’t use it myself.

Hi, John!

Agree with you. Happy to know you find the post useful and interesting to check!


Hi Lesley

I love the way you describe the characters of the various social channels. It’s important to pick the correct social channels for your niche. Then it’s a matter of engaging with the community, adding value , and building a following. I always recommend picking just two social channels to start with. It’s important not to spread yourself too thin.

Will be sharing this!


Hello, Clement!

Thanks for your feedback! Honored to know content marketing specialists agree with some points of mine 🙂 Having checked your blog, I am your humble reader now!


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