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5 Reasons I Still Use CommentLuv

One of the questions I’m often asked about this blog is why I still use the base WordPress comment system as opposed to Disqus, Livefyre, Facebook, or Google+. My answer is always CommentLuv.

People have their issues with the CommentLuv plugin. I will admit that yes, it does invite spammers who just want to drop a link, so if you don’t moderate your comments carefully, you’ll be giving out lots of bad links. And yes, it does mean that over time, you’ll end up with a lot of broken outgoing links because bloggers close down their blogs.

Why I Still Use CommentLuv

For me, the pros of CommentLuv outweigh the cons. Here’s my top five reasons for using CommentLuv.

1. It allows me to identify spammers quickly. Generally, they’ll have some pretty bad posts / pages linked with their comment.

2. It allows me to quickly get to know my commenters. Looking at post titles, I can easily see if I have a lot of self improvement people, tech people, SEO people, photographers, etc. If I had an SEO site that was regularly frequented by a lot of photographers, for example, I could really give more to my audience by adding more photography-related examples to my posts.

3. It helps the community get to know each other. Other commenters can browse posts and find other blogs in their niche pretty quickly.

4. Commenter’s posts can add to the conversation. Like if I write about a SEO plugin for WordPress, maybe they have a post about another good plugin that both I and the audience can learn from to get some additional options.

5. It’s a way for me to say thanks. If people read the posts and leave a really good comment, I don’t mind them getting the chance to promote a good blog post that they have written. I built my blog up by promoting my content on relevant CommentLuv enabled blogs, and I wouldn’t think it’s fair for me not to offer the same in return for others.

CommentLuv Premium vs. the Free Version

Although you can use the free version of CommentLuv, I use and am an affiliate of the premium version of the CommentLuv plugin. I purchased the premium version because it comes bundled up with some additional plugins that I also like using including the following.

  • Twitterlink – This allows commenters to leave their Twitter username with their comment. Since I know a lot of people by their Twitter handle, this helps me identify them when they come to my blog as well as connect with new people.
  • ReplyMe – This allows commenters to receive an email notification that their comment has just received a reply as opposed to an email notification when anyone comments on the post. You can get this for free, but the free version hasn’t been updated in years.
  • GASP – This allows me to add a simple captcha in the form of a checkbox on the WordPress comment form to reduce automated spamming without driving commenters nuts with a hard to read alphanumeric captcha.

Plus, you get additional functionality with the premium plugin for CommentLuv and the add-ons that you won’t find in the free versions.

Find More CommentLuv Blogs

One resource that students of my Blog Post Promotion Course have been enjoying is Find the Luv. You can use this site to find the latest posts from over 700 CommentLuv enabled blogs on specific topics including blogging, business, family, food, health, personal development, photography, SEO, and technology.

Your Turn

Do you use the CommentLuv plugin on your blog, or comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs? What has been your experience? Please share in the comments!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

55 replies on “5 Reasons I Still Use CommentLuv”

Kristi, I use ComLuv and love it! Awesome plug in for building connections and giving your readers backlink juice too. No brainer tool for any aspiring or veteran blogger out there.

For me too, Kristi, CommentLuv is still the outright winner.

When a comment system offers a link to the commenter’s static or blog home page there’s rarely any incentive to check it out.

At least when you see a link to a blog post there’s a chance you’re gonna click on it – particularly if it contains a great post headline and the comment is good.

And going by the referral traffic I get from comments I make on other blogs this seems to stack up. I get loads more visitors from CommentLuv-enabled blogs than any other.

I use CommentLuv Premium too and I still love it. You do have to be diligent about moderating comments and especially checking out links that no longer lead to the original site. My blog was hit hard last year by Google’s algorithm changes. It turned out that (in addition to having quite a few broken links) many of the comments that had been left for me (over the years) no longer linked to the original content. There was a lot of links to spammy sites and parked domains riddled with AdSense ads.

I don’t blame my situation on CommentLuv though. I’m responsible for not doing enough housekeeping. I cleaned up my comments and still promote CL. It’s the best way I’ve found to reward readers and build a community.

As always, thanks for a great post. Now, ‘m going to make sure that my blog is included on Find the Luv.

I used comment luv for sometime, but then it was like everyone was so good at typing comments that they actually never wanted to say anything mean to me or my blog post, all they ever wanted was that one backlink and nothing else.

I dont know after that my visitor count dropped way too much, but still i am wondering should i re-install it or not. But whatsoever, you actually somehow get a lot of great community members through it

I still use CommentLuv Premium too Kristi and at the moment don’t see any alternative that comes close.

I also comment more on other CommentLuv enabled blogs too because it really does help with getting referral traffic to your own blog.

Sure, you have to keep on top of broken links but that’s just an essential part of blog maintenance.

I know that Livefyre introduced allowing commenters to leave a link back to their latest post when commenting.

It only works though if the blog you’re commenting on has that feature turned on and you can only link back to your latest post.

I’m glad to hear that you’re sticking with CommentLuv :-).

I have just started using CommentLuv mainly for reasons #3, 4 and 5. and if I may add, also for traffic. My hopes is that people see the title of one of my recent blogs and come over and check me out. I know I have done that with blogs I regularly visit so maybe…
Right now I use the free version but if I do decide to get the Premere version, I will be sure to use your affiliate link.
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Hi Kristi,

There could be nothing better than CommentLuv – all for it indeed 🙂

Yes, the pros are any day much more as compared to its cons and there’s no reason for not using it. Besides the links one can share with each other when we comment, which helps others visit our blogs, there’s so much of spam that’s taken care of.

I think if you have your regulars and if they visit your blog, comment, and share your posts, there’s no harm at all in giving them a DoFollow link for their efforts. It’s one way to give back to the society, isn’t it? Being bloggers I guess we can do this much at least, though I wonder why so many people are stingy even about this.

Yes, there are many who visit CommentLuv enabled blogs just for leaving their backlinks, but then you always have the option to give them the DoFollow love after a few visits, if not immediately. Of course, you need to check them out and be sure they are not spammers.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

Kristi, I am too using Commentluv on my blog and thanks for sharing the wonderful article. It does help you get referral traffic but more than building up referral traffic, I personally comment to build up a relation and community with other bloggers.

However, I was not aware of the second point that we could check out the type of traffic coming to our blog and reading the posts, photographers, SEOs, etc… Anyway, you’ve shown another way to check the type of incoming traffic besides Google Analytics.

Have a nice week 🙂


I love Comment Luv Premium too. As Sherryl mentions below, you do have to keep an eye on the links and weed out the dodgy and the broken ones. I use the Broken Link Checker plugin for that and unlink any that are no good.
Now to work out how to get on the Find the Luv list 🙂

I’m a big fan of Commentluv… but more specifically CommentLuv Premium. Even without the commentluv link, there are mega tools in the Premium package that at this point I couldn’t be without. At this moment, I’m actively testing a move away from the name/author links, while keeping the CL links. That’s something I should have some info on in the next month or two. The one point in your list I might argue with is #4 because often posts get buried and are not always accessible to be linked. Premium users can “pin” some favorite posts into the list but free users can’t and only have access to their most recent. This results in most of the links that get included being completely unrelated from my experience. This is why it’s still necessary for readers to be able to add a link to the comment box if it’s relevant. Definitely a fan of CL here!

The problem I have found with other comment systems like Disqus, Livefyre, Facebook, & that they don’t offer the commenters an opportunity to link to a blog, only their account profile on the respective systems.

I know sticking with the default comment system and using CommentLuv will attract spammers, but I use Akismet and GASP and that has really cutt down on the amount of spammers that come to my blog and the ones that do get through are easily manually checked by me without taking too much time.

I have tried many of the systems you have mentioned (including Intense Debate) and every time I have seen a MASSIVE drop in the amount of comment my posts receive.

I think the pros very much outweigh the cons here. 🙂

Hi Kristi

Every tool has some merits and demerits and if we use the tool in a better way we can out beat those demerits. The same goes with CommentLuv. I still see some of the well known internet marketers like you still using the plugin wisely and engaging readers into the discussion.

Hey Kristi

I am using Commentluv on all my blogs. Well it is truly a best way to say thank you to the readers of you blog. Having a backlink from a high pr blog is really awesome thing.


I don’t understand the benefit of using a comment plug that will keep the comments on a third party server instead of your own. The comments won’t be indexed to help your rankings, you have less control over moderation and the format in which the comments are displayed, and it’s almost always a worse user experience when we need to create a separate account or link comments to an account or even wait for comments to load before we read them.

i also use the beginning i read in many articles that is bad for pr etc but after using it has many positive features and is a great tool for user engagement and a source of quality comments for me

Hi Kristi, I haven’t tried the CommentLuv Premium but after reading your post, and the comments of many below, it sounds like it is an excellent avenue to take. As others have stated there are pros and cons to everything but it definitely sounds like there are more pros than cons here. Thanks for the post!

Hey Kristi, it’s me Sire. I decided to finally give my pseudonym the flick and go by my real name.
As I write this post I noticed that the Commentluv plugin isn’t working at the moment 😉

Like you I continue to use Commentluv premium. Even if I didn’t I would never use anything like Disqus because of the extra steps involved in leaving a comment. I actually left one on a Disqus blog yesterday but only because I was asking for some help on a photo blog. They sent me a link to join but I refused,

Another good reason for using the premium version is that it has a few features that help you to promote your blog.

BTW, I’m glad you’ve take your blog back. I’ll try to come back more often. I miss that killer smile of yours. 😉

All the spam made me give up on CommentLuv but I was sad to do so. Like you, I love the functionality, and you do get a much better insight into what your commenters are interested in with the title of their last blog post than you do with just a generic site link. Plus I’m always much more tempted to click through to see a blog post title than a random person’s name with no other incentive. So, good on you!

Hello Kristi Hines,

I still feel commentluv is best. It will always in top position for its unique feature. It helps to get link juice as well as inform other blogger about last content which published.

Anyway thanks for resourceful information 🙂

Hi Kristi

Thanks for pointing out of the reasons why you still use commentluv on your blogs. I was planning to remove this commenting plugin from my blog. Thanks for pointing out some of the reasons why it should not removed. By using commentluv plugin, a webmaster needed to manually approve the comments because there are lot of junk comments.. It’s a herculean task to remove those comments manually some how akismet is doing an awesome job but still it has problems. Thanks again for sharing this information with us. 🙂

I never tried commentluv on any of my blog. But after reading your post, my mind completely changed. At first , I’ll try the free version. Thanks for such a wonderful post, Kristi.

There are benefits for sure, though ComLuv leave enough footprints to attract even more spammers. Though great benefit that often lists of ComLuv blog appear on many blogs and blog authors get one way quality links.

Kristi, it is good to know that you are valuing the readership instead of crying for the PR and all other outbound links stuff. I have noticed many big websites like BasicBlogTips have removed CommentLuv just because the owner believes it is costing her money.

Hamza, I’m not sure why you said that CommentLuv was costing me money. That’s not the case at all.

I wrote about why I stopped giving CommentLuv (actually I did NOT remove the plugin, I just turned off the luv links) and mostly because I was spending too much time moderating comments. Also there are a lot of CommentLuv blog lists that are listing my blog which sends unwanted traffic to my blog.

What did you hear?

Hi Rakesh,
Great question – I should do a post about this one day.
Truth of the matter is that CommentLuv Premium takes the place of about 7 other plugins, so why should I bother installing all of those when I still have CLP?

It also lets me take advantage of CLP features when I comment on other blogs. There’s NO other plugin that can do that.

Kristi, I have been using CommentLuv since a long time! Its one of the best plugin ever made.
It helped me increase the number of comments in my blog which gradually led to the increase of my traffic. 🙂
Its more like a plugin which increases user engagement in our blogs by rewarding them with a backlink 😀

Hi Kristi,
It’s been a while I visited your blog. The new Logo looks good and it have given a wonderful favicon.

I am a fan of commentLuv though there was a time when I started receiving tons of spam and meaningless comments. Back then, I was allowing dofollow links. I could overcome it with by installing GASP plugin and removing dofollow luv. I am surprised to see that some bloggers still manage to provide commentLuv links as dofollow. But, I appreciate them for giving back some luv to their readers in that fashion. I am hoping to bounce back to blogging by investing more time and since I hope to get more time I am planning to revert back to dofollow.

Your ebook offer caught my attention. It looks to be a promising guide. My blog was penalized for accepting low quality guest posts. And, it’s been a couple of years I did some guest blogging. So, I guess you e-book would serve me as a good source on how to do it safely and yet efficeintyl.


No I was tired of only getting Spam all the time and was tired of having to moderate them all the time.

Plus it seems since Google is on the hunt more than ever to penalize blogs who aren’t really careful with their linking.

So I put Disqus back on. Haven’t had a Spammer since and I can focus on the other stuff that needs doing.

I love the plugin just not the pain.

Hey Kristi,

I’m a HUGE supporter of CommentLuv Premium and I can’t really see myself going the opposite direction. I love what you shared here and it makes me sad that some people have abandoned it because of spam but with Andy’s latest addon plugin mine has completely disappeared. Yep, with the addition of the Anti Backlink plugin I just have mine set that if you don’t have a gravatar you can’t comment. As we all know, 99.9% of spammers don’t have that set up so that really helped.

I love sharing the love though with my readers and I love being able to follow their links. It’s actually how I started blog commenting so I find it priceless.

The dofollow tags I think have to be up to each individual but I’ve been very careful with that and have NOT gotten into any trouble with Google, at least not yet. I think it’s a way to say thank you to my readers and I’m happy to hear you also agree.

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us about this and I have a feeling I’ll have to voice mine sometime in the near future as well, again! 😉

Have a great day.


Nice and informative post

Initially I was new to CommentLuv plugin. Then before few I months I started using this plugin and the results it is providing is very satisfactory. I do not any of the issues with this plugin. In fact the above 5 pros mentioned work very well for me.. I am still using the free version of CommentLuv but am planning to buy the premium version too.
This tool is very good as it mainly helps me to know about the commenter and on the other side helps me to get some data relevant to my website and also to my readers.

Great post and Thank you for sharing.

Great, But I’ve tried to follow the updates on the site for the release of pro. They don’t make it very easy to find a list of features for the pro or a comparison between the free one and the pro version. The only thing I didn’t really like about ComLuv (free) was that it felt like a large number of the comments posted were simply to obtain a (back) link. What do you like over pro that the free version doesn’t offer (aside from the affiliate action)?

I love commentluv because it does reduced the spam on my blog and attracted some serious bloggers to comment on my posts, it is becoming more like a community for bloggers to share posts and ideas


I have installed this plugin before some time ago at my blog but I have to remove it after some days since people are dropping comment to get only link so to get poor comments, I have removed it from my blog. But after reading your post, Now I will give a another try to this plugin. 🙂

Have a great time!

We joined the ComLuv network around the same time. I may have even preceded you! But that was a while ago and it’s been about two years since I last had it installed. Why? A change in what I was writing, a change in the people commenting, a change in the number and quality of people commenting, spammers who I didn’t feel like moderating so often, etc.

Dear Kristi, what else can be said about CommentLuv? I’m a Premium user since years and I can’t think about a blog without CommentLuv, it’s really priceless.

At a point that I can’t really read a blog if I can’t see the CommentLuv icon, it’s becoming an habit.

This plugin is not just a plugin, it’s a community, it improves your theme, it changes how your readers interact and how you interact with your blogging friends.

Hi Kristi, great post. I use CommentLuv for most of my projects. Point 5. is the main reason I use it. I don’t think it attracts more spammers than having any other comment system. These days you will get spam no matter what.

We use ComLuv too! I find it a great way for people to pull together relevant information and really have a full on conversation about the specific blog topic. It’s great to see others using it as well.

I love ComentLuv blogs, and even have some favorite ones, where I already know the author and some commenters. It makes great company. As for my blog, I haven’t tried the plugin yet, but actually have some of ht e functions – welcome all commenters and allow links and avatars form WordPress. It is convenient, but still gonna try the premium CommentLuv version

Aproximatly one year back, I installed CommentLuv Plugin on my blog and allowed do follow comments.Later people started spamming comment box and I was unable to review the huge number of comments I was receiving(most of them were spammy comments).Later I uninstalled the plugin to get rid of spammy comments!

Hi Kristi,

I completely agree with on each and every point. The primary reason why i use commentluv on my blog is to attract webmasters to share their insights on my blog posts while giving them some exposure to their sites in return.

Hello Kristi,
I find this article about Commentluv plugin very interesting. surely it is a must have plugin for every WordPress blog. Also it helps in increasing traffic. Thanks

You are totally wrong. Most of the time commentluv plugin is installed on websites to attract the comments on your own blog. Otherwise, you can read my reply to this article in the comment section.

I also use Commenluv on my site. In regard to spam, it was a rather big problem for me also, until I found the plug-in, Capthcha Bank. This stopped spam in its tracks, and you can customize the amount of characters you’d like to appear in code box. I love it.

Your first point is totally wrong. It only check the very basic spammer but today’s spammer needs a lots of attention and i am one of theme. The second point is- It takes a lots of your server resources to check and connect with other websites to show their last posts. Thus make your website little bit slower than the normal one. The third point is – it attracts a lots of spammer to add comments in order to get a simple link. Am i right kristi? Did you notice all these points on your website?

I do not use commentluv. I have thought about it, but I am worried that it will slow down the site since I am not on a dedicated server yet. Have you had any experiences with commentluv slowing down your site?

I understand the huge upside to it. People do prefer to leave comments when there is commentluv, so it would help increase engagement.

Well it’s a WIN WIN situation for both readers ( commentators ) and the blow owners. It certainly increases the readership of the blog on one hand, and on the other, the commentator gets a link to his article.

Well after reading this complete blog post, I will just say It’s awesome. I really like the way of explanation in this article. Tips are very good and helpful for me. I think other people should also read blog post very seriously because this will help them to learn something new which they need. Hope this post will also help others when they will read it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post.

Dropped CommentLuv because it was eating too much of hosting resources and made the database heavy. Moreover, it attracted only back link builders and they eventually won’t even read articles and turn into loyal readers.
Of course, they are my personal review on plugin.

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