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5 Tools That Will Boost Your On-Site Engagement

Visitor engagement – It’s the Holy Grail of marketing.

Engagement improves visitor Time on Site, Reduces Bounce Rate and improves SERPS.

But, how do you motivate casual visitors to interact with your website?

Your content may well be the best there is, it may deserve your visitors’ time, but that’s not enough. The Web is full of excellent and exciting information that is mostly ignored.

It is a rare website that applies the What’s In It for Me (WiiFM) principle. Internet users are selfish. You have to give them an obvious and immediate benefit to make them stay on your site. Here are five tools you can use to convert your casual browsers into active site users.

Hello Bar

Use the Hello Bar to offer visitors a gift. Many site owners make the gift conditional on signing up to their email list, but you will build more trust and goodwill in your visitors by offering an unconditional gift.


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You just sign up on the Hello Bar home page, say what site you plan to use it on and then paste a single line of generated code into your site. Alternatively, you can install the Hello Bar WordPress plugin that makes it even simpler.

Using the Hello Bar is less annoying than a pop-up or interstitial lightbox and visitors are more likely to take advantage of your offer and to sign up to your email list if you have not annoyed them. Hello Bar integrates with online and email marketing platforms such as GetResponse, which lets you add anyone who signs up to your main email list.


ProProfs has many different modules, from Quizzes and LiveChat, to Flashcards and Knowledge Base. You can register to use most modules with a free subscription, and upgrade when you need to.


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Quizzes and Polls are great ways to engage your users and give them reasons to remain on your site. They allow you to use the full power of social media because people love an interesting quiz and will share their results on Facebook, which will encourage their friends to visit also to take part.

Polls work in the same way because people feel their opinions are vindicated if other people think similarly.

A free ProProfs subscription still gives you the user engagement, but without reports and integrations. Paid subscriptions offer reports, integrated social media links, and email capture, making the monthly fee look very reasonable.


Giveaways are a great way to build user engagement, and Rafflecopter is an easy way to handle them.


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What if your giveaway goes viral and 500,000 people want it? Will your website server crash and leave your site down for days? Stability is one advantage of using a service like Rafflecopter: The competition giveaway is hosted on the platform’s cloud-based servers that can never crash.

One important feature that Rafflecopter has is its monthly pricing option. You can use the free service and upgrade for one month to run a giveaway, and then revert to the basic free plan until you want to run another giveaway.

Yuzo Related Posts

Related Post plugins are a popular way to encourage readers to visit more of your web pages. But your titles need to totally grab their interest if related post links are to work for you.


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Yuzo is one of the fastest and most accurate related posts WordPress plugins. Yes, you can add related posts manually in the early stages of your website, but automatically displaying related posts’ titles in every one of your posts saves a lot of time.

Related posts plugins are heavy users of your site’s database resources, so they do slow your site loading speed. Check your page speed using a site like before and after installing any plugin.


In an ideal world, your website users would be so excited that they would tell everyone they know about you. But, sadly, your visitors will not do that out of the goodness of their hearts. You have to give them incentives.


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Woobox gives you an easy way to run competitions on your site and to incentivize users to share the giveaway on social media sites by awarding them extra entries for every friend who enters.

Many users are cynical about online giveaways, but using a platform like Woobox will over-ride their negativity and encourage them to take part and to help others to do so as well.

Where Will You Start?

Most Internet users have only a casual interest in the sites they land on. You need to stand out with design, unique content, and site loading speed, but those are just the basics. You need to give visitors a benefit.

These five tools will encourage your site users to engage because they all use the WiiFM approach and give your visitors a reason to hang around.

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Hey Dvora,

I have used two of the tools mentioned above. Though the related post plugin doesn’t work to every WordPress theme but still, it’s quite effective.

I would go for the WooBox for sure. It seems really useful.
Thanks for sharing the info.


Awesome share. I heard lot about hello bar, but never tried this tool on any of my blog. Among all of them I only used yuzo related posts on my blog. Very soon, I’ll try hello bar on my blogs to increase the engagement rate.

Hi Lakhyajyoti,
I have used Hello bare once before a few months back on my blogger site, this really works like a charm.
This is is very useful for user engagement!

~ Vijay

Hi Dvora,

Site engagement is very much essential to increase conversion rate and increase ranking in SERP. But many of us not aware of the fact that there remains few tools or plugins as well to make a site engaging other than creating interesting contents and eye-catching web design. I will definitely going to use this tool for our own site.

This is really very informative and useful article. Thanks for sharing an article on alternative ways of making a site engaging.

Explainer Video Agency

Hi Goldstein,
Thanks for sharing these 5 quit effective tools here, Yujo related posts plugin is not working for me but this is really very good plugin for showing related posts below the posts. I am using WP related posts for this job.

Hi Dvora,
Many people do not know these tools for site engagement.They just focus on content and design. I used hello bar and it worked for me. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Vayam,
You are right, a few people know these tools and they only focus on on site SEO and layout fof their website.

Many useful plugins are available to beautify a WordPress powered website.

Great article, kind of bring back hope of blogging and making people stick around much longer without losing them. I am successfully using PushEngage in my WordPress blog and it is working superbly.

Hi konstantinos,
Thanks for commenting on this site because I love this site and it’s authors.
Your feedback is really appreciable!

Try premium version of Yuzo related post plugin, its great for onsite engagement. I have already used it on my movie site HD Wale

~ Vijay

Hi John,
Do you have a movie site?
If yes, that’s great! I have also running movie site,

You should focus on regular movie update and try to upload movies fast than other movie websites.

~ Vijay

Awesome Article. I heard lot about hello bar, but never tried this tool on any of my blog. Among all of them I only used yuzo related posts on my blog. Very soon, I’ll try hello bar on my blogs to increase the engagement rate.

Hi Dvora,
Many people do not know these tools for site engagement.They just focus on content and design. I used hello bar and it worked for me. Thanks for sharing

Helpful indeed! We being into application development & enterprise mobility services, struggling with CTR and engagement on our website. Thanks for sharing the details.

Love the bars that pop down from the top of the page. They provide a nice chance for CTA without being too distracting like some other dancing bars.

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