6 Essential Split Tests for WordPress Users with Nelio A/B Testing

Have you ever found yourself trying to make a decision about your website’s design or content? If so, then split testing can help you make the best decision possible based on conversions.

Nelio A/B Testing is a split testing tool made for WordPress. It makes it easy to test critical elements of your WordPress website that either guide your visitors where you want them to go. In this post, we’re going to look at the essential split tests WordPress users should consider for their website and how to set them up using Nelio A/B Testing.

Essential Split Tests for WordPress Websites

Nelio A/B Testing can help you run the following split tests on your WordPress website and content.

  1. Split Testing Pages – This split test will help you determine if a simple tweak of the layout or content on your core pages (About Page, Advertising Page, Hire Me Page, Newsletter Signup Page, etc.) could make a difference in increasing conversions.
  2. Split Testing Posts – This split test will help you determine if a simple tweak of the layout or content on your best blog posts could make a difference increasing conversions.
  3. Split Testing Headlines – If you have tried Upworthy’s tactic of writing 25 headlines for every article you write, then you likely end up with a few that you just love. This split test will help you determine which headline will get the most clicks.
  4. Split Testing Widgets – Unique to the Nelio A/B Testing platform is split testing for widgets. This split test will help you determine if you can increase conversions (such as boosting affiliate income) by editing, reorganizing, or otherwise reconfiguring your widgets.
  5. Split Testing Themes – Can’t decide between two great themes? This split test will help you determine whether one theme leads to more conversions.
  6. Split Testing CSS – Want to change the link colors throughout your website to see if they get more clicks? This split test will help you determine what tweaks to your CSS will lead to more conversions.

In addition to split tests, Nelio A/B Testing also has Clickmap and Heatmap tests that allow you to see what visitors are looking at on your website and what they are clicking. This can help you determine if you have your most important assets in the areas visitors are most likely to find and engage with them. It can also inspire you to start running specific split tests.

How to Setup an Experiment

Setting up a split test in Nelio A/B Testing is simple. Once you’ve setup your account and installed the WordPress plugin, you’ll do the following.

1. Choose the split test you want to run. These are referred to in the plugin as experiments.


2. Configure the specific options for your test. Depending on the experiment you choose, it will involve naming your experiment, adding a description, and choosing a page / post to include in the experiment. Unlike other split testing solutions, Nelio A/B Testing uses WordPress editors for editing the alternatives, so there’s no need to learn a new tool.


Then you will set up the specific configurations for your experiment. Some will require you go to the page or post editor, widgets page, or themes page for further configuration.


3. Set your goals for the experiment. Conversions will be recorded when a visitor goes to a specific page or posts on your website, or clicks on a specific external link. (If you don’t have thank you pages set up for visitors who subscribe to your mailing list or submit a lead form, set those up first and then set up your goals.)


Once you’ve set up your experiment and hit the create button, it will run until you tell it to stop.

How to Review Your Results

After you’ve given your experiment time to run, you can start to view the results by visiting your Nelio A/B Testing dashboard and selecting the experiment you want to review.


Here, you will see the results of your experiment, including number of conversions for the original and alternative versions of your website and content that you are testing.


If you see a distinct increase in conversions with one of your variations, then you will know which one you want to stick with and do further testing upon. Again, Nelio makes things super easy and helps us: since you created the variations within WordPress, you can make the best variation permanent with a single click!


For an A/B testing and heatmap tool all in one, the pricing of Nelio A/B Testing is very affordable. It starts at $29 per month for one site with up to 5,000 tested page views per month.

Unlike most platforms that charge you based on all of the traffic to your website, Nelio A/B Testing only charges for the traffic that is involved in your experiments. Hence, you could have 100,000 page views per month, but if your split tests only involve 2,000 of those page views, then you only pay for 2,000 page views involved in your experiments.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Nelio A/B Testing is a must-have for WordPress website owners. When you invest in split testing, it will help you find out what will get your visitors to convert the most. Be sure to sign up for a free 14-day trial today and start learning about conversion rate optimization for your own blog or business.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

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A way to go. I personally prefer performing multi-variate testing compared to classic A/B testing, which is pretty much the same thing. It is easy when website is based on modular or widgetized structure

I’m not gonna lie but every time I come to your website, I find something interesting to try on my website. I really like the functionality of this tool, I can’t tell what I like most about it but everything about it sounds great.

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