6 Surprisingly Relevant Reasons Why You Need To Link Build Your Content

As more and more businesses battle it out in the cyberworld to capture the hearts and minds of netizens, the importance of link building and content marketing is more pertinent than ever. However, a lot of marketers are getting confused on the complementary relation of link building and producing great content. Some are wondering: Why bother with link building when you can just share your content on social media? Other marketers even underestimate the impact of link building, saying, “It all comes down to the quality your content, anyway.”

Digital marketers who implement a content marketing strategy that downplays the benefits of link building risk losing serious opportunities. Backed by marketing studies and reports, we say that links are still in the core of search engines’ algorithm. It’s true that content marketing has overtaken link building for SEO, but remember that most content isn’t capable of naturally acquiring links. The hard truth is that amidst the deserved popularity of content marketing, link building is the unsung hero of many successful content promotion.

Read on to get things straight about link building and effective content marketing. We’ve made the task easier for you with 6 surprisingly relevant reasons why you need to link build your content.
1. Increase the Good Kind of Traffic

Content Traffic

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There is the bad and the good kind of traffic. The traffic people dread involves congested roads and stressful commutes. But the good kind takes place online, inviting visits to the great content you put up. In content marketing, links are essential to generate the good kind of traffic. The logic at work is simple. Linking an authoritative blog or website is an avenue for their readers to visit you. This, in turn benefits, your content marketing production with increased referral links and positive communication.

2. Improve Visibility in the Crowded Online Space

Improve Visibility

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Some argue that social signals like user happiness are the new great thing, and how right they are especially when it comes to online marketing. However, for search visibility, it remains advantageous to follow the advice of Google’s Matt Cutts, who says links remain a “really, really big win in terms of quality for search results.”

Links are great for search engine optimization. Sites strategically rich with inbound links rank better in search engines. But remember that not all links are created equal. Add value to your links by primarily relying on authoritative sources to better promote your content persuasively.

3. Build and Propel Great Business Relations

Build Relation

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As an online marketing activity, building valuable links with your content is the foundation of great business relations. No great content is an island, to paraphrase the common saying. You have to “link” to create a strong representation for your content and organization. But remember that it’s equally important that you link build to create and inspire strong relations with your client and audience. You see, it’s a “love triangle” (and most likely the only one) that is beneficial to all involved parties. Effective link builders understand these dynamics and do everything in their capacity to protect and nurture their company, client, and audience. With a solid foundation, link builders can then further existing relations and expand their clout to new ones.

4. Expose Your Brand to a Broader Market

Expose Your Brand

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Increasing your content production allows you to reach new and diverse audiences when you link build you content. Capturing the attention of the online community can be difficult with all the cyber noise and distractions. Audiences rummage through piles of information, so they rely on trusted sources. Link building to relevant sites of your demographic allows your brand to be known and trusted by them as well.  

Link building has received a bad rep in the past years because some digital marketers see it as a form of hard-sell marketing. What escapes these marketers, however, is how the average person makes positive associations with trusted links in your content. Creative and natural link building is essentially about trust building, while making your brand, product, or business known and valued by a broader demographic.

5. Boost Your Online Content Marketing

Boosts Content Marketing

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Is link building still relevant in relation to other online marketing activities? The answer is a resounding yes! Think of link building as part of the symphony of effective marketing efforts, not the sole and primary activity. On its own, link building does not amount to much. The same goes for other online marketing activities—be it content marketing, blogging, reputation building, etc. Combining and maximizing these efforts with link building can boost your online content marketing.  Such is the compelling message in an article by Propelrr, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, which provides a well-laid out blueprint to help scale your content marketing production. Linking relevant sites is vital for content marketing’s overall reach. It reinforces visibility and adds depth and value to your content.

6. Score the Leading Spot for Your Site

Leading Spot

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While content marketing goals vary from business to business, an effective recommendation on how to link build your content fundamentally remains the same: think quality over quantity. In 2012 or earlier, it’s actually the reverse. The trick of the trade then was to build links quickly, without much regard to the relevance of the links to content. How quickly things change! Today, quality link building is the requirement to have a good profile and leading findability for your site. If you’ve been link building since 2012 and before, double-check and remove spammy links to prevent your site from plummeting down in the search engine.

With these 6 relevant reasons on how link building can benefit your content, you can better satisfy your online marketing goals and supercharge your content strategy. Appreciating the importance of link building and content marketing as a power couple will help you to effectively tie your goals and strategy to various key performance indicators—be it gaining visibility or brand awareness, audience building and retention, positive communication, education, establishing influence, or sales generation. At the end of the day, with the hundred and one tasks in today’s marketing world and the rapidly changing landscape of search engine optimization, keeping in mind the value and benefits of link building ensures that your content strategy and goals are on the right track to success.

By Roger Gallager

I am a communications Specialist with expertise in marketing. I am also a freelance writer.

9 replies on “6 Surprisingly Relevant Reasons Why You Need To Link Build Your Content”

I never find a valid reason why I don’t build links to my content. I can’t imagine ranking a site without it.
It gives me no surprise after reading your article that link building is still relevant.


Link building is EVERYTHING when it comes to SEO, online marketing, and getting ahead of your competition. Obviously, not all links are good links, but if your content earns follow links from sites with stellar domain authority, that should rocket you to the top of Google. Thanks for writing this helpful post! 🙂

Hi Roger, Great post, (of course). Thank you for sharing.

All of points you showed is very important for almost every blogger who wants to grow their blogs.

Hi Roger,

Link building can never die…it is the very core of SEO itself!

Unfortunately, many persons have been confused by Google or the other search engines to believe that link building today isn’t important or relevant.

This is a lie!

The best content will always fail to rank without proper links or votes (almost any day)…however, bad or low quality links won’t simply fly – it’s as simple as that!

Do make the day – and thanks a ton for the reminder.

Akaahan Terungwa

Link building is still one of the key things to get better ranking. Off course the way of building links has been changed in 2016. Now one have to earn links more rather than just building links blindly.
This is a very nice piece of content.

No matter what else you do, if you don´t link build you don´t exist. It’s a fact. You can create awesome content, have the most well designed site of the net, and do whatever you wan to promote it, but nothing will work like link building. Link building is everything, period.

I am particularly interested in the forming and growing of business relationships. Nice call adding that one in there. You just about have to form relationships in order to get any websites to link to yours. It is also reasonably useful to think about having a portfolio to enhance your recommendations to work with others. That is what I am working on I’m still new.

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