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7 Ways Your Blog Can Land You A High Paid Job

You probably didn’t start off your blog with the intent to hit it big. You likely put together a blog as a way of getting your thoughts and feelings out to the world. The truth is that often times, blogs may start off small but have the potential to hit it very big in a short period of time. If you happen to write a blog for a niche that has great visibility, then you may find yourself in a high paid job before you know it.

These are often the best success stories because they involve instances where the individual started off with just a thought and hit it big. These are stories of moms, talented individuals, or just everyday people that though a blog would be a great way to capture their thoughts. In no time at all these blogs can lead to a path that these individuals never possibly imagined.

Blogging has quickly evolved from a great way of keeping friends and family updating into a lucrative business model. As the traditional work situation changes and grows, then blogging will surely follow suit. You may be a stay at home mom who posts her thoughts on motherhood—and before you know it you are writing content for a major website in your niche. These are real life situations that are happening to everyday people.

If you do a good job at communicating and utilize your blog in the right way, then this could very well be you. It could be that your very own forum for communicating becomes a well followed blog. You are going to learn some of the best tips and tricks of the trade that have helped to launch blog owners into well known figures. If you do it the right way, then you could be one of these success stories and land a high paid job from the comfort of your home.


Be Genuine and Talk About What You Know and Good Things May Come

You don’t want to go in with unrealistic expectations, but you can go in with an idea about the future. Put thought into what your blog represents and be straightforward with your words and views, and you just never know where it may cause you to end up. There is so much that you could possibly gain from setting up and maintaining a blog—and a high paid job might just be one of them in the future!

Talk About What You Know To Get a High Paid Job

Don’t believe it’s possible? Don’t believe that you could be one of these great success stories? It can be you, and if you think through some of the following elements then you just might end up in a place that you only dreamed of in the future. There are some great examples out there of those who have hit it big with a simple blog that exploded.


Everyday People Become Very Public Figures and This Could Be You

Within the parenting niche you have Baby Sideburns which started off as a mother’s thoughts and evolved into an online empire. Blogs from near and fear like To Work or Play helps to transport you into the lifestyle that you may wish for. These are good examples of blogs that started small, gained a huge following, and eventually put these individuals on the fast track.

Here are some pivotal ways that your blog may allow you to end up in a wonderful job in the future.


Allow for advertising space and invite interested parties

Be open to companies advertising on your blog. This can be an excellent source of revenue for you in the short term. It may also mean much greater visibility moving forward, and that can translate to bigger opportunities.

Cross Promote Via Advertising

There are many ways that you can feature ads on your blog, so be open to opportunities and seek them out. Partnering up in this way can be a win win for the company advertising and for you in your quest to have more for yourself.

You do have to know your audience here, but it can be a really wonderful venture. This means some significant work on your part, but it’s a good return on your investment. Consider how a little legwork may translate into ads on your blog which ultimately mean some major sales to enjoy moving forward!


Get picked up by a major publication or online authority

Blog frequently and put yourself out there. Talk about issues that are important to you and speak to issues which you know a lot about.

The more that you put into your blog, the more likely that you could get picked up by a major publication or respected website. If you land a writing job for one of these authorities, then this can mean a long and very lucrative career—all because you used your blog as a platform to be honest and forthcoming!

Think of how amazing it would be if you were to get picked up by a site like Huffington Post . You probably don’t think that’s possible. You probably think that’s something that you have to go after, and in many cases it is.

There are times however when your blog becomes so big or your writing so convincing that you end up getting picked up by a major publication like this—and the rest is history!


Become a subject matter expert that attracts a bunch of followers

Go with what you know and let your expertise shine through. There is likely to be something that you know well and you can make this the focus of your blog. Become a respected subject matter expert by sharing your experience with others including creating a resume and showcasing it on your blog.

Become a Thought Leader

The thought knowledge will build up a following, and the more people that follow you the more that this can lend itself to a lucrative career. The blogs that have a big following are often the ones that get a lot of attention, ads, and therefore you become a household name much faster than you ever thought possible.


Cross promote and know learn how to drive traffic to your blog

The key to success in blogging is to get the numbers, and that comes in followers. This comes by getting your name out there. Cross promote by writing guest blogs on other sites and allow others to do the same. It also comes by knowing how to reach your target audience and boosting your numbers that way.

When you start out you are more than likely going to just promote to family and friends. It’s a good starting point and you will gain some followers this way. Moving forward however you will quickly find that you want to boost your numbers, and you want to gain more of a following. This becomes more of a personal mission for many, but it can quickly evolve into a professional venture that has successful results.

You might just find that you get lucky here and that you have a post or content that is so amazing that it goes viral. If you continue to post huge numbers in that way then your traffic will continue to grow. Don’t count on this but do know that the more compelling content that you write which reaches out to people, the more likely you are to build traffic. Cross promoting and building traffic are both surefire ways to get your blog to go from an expression of thoughts to a really amazing professional venture!


Promote and get involved in your specific niche

Get involved with online communities that help you to get noticed. Promote your blog, cross promote it with online communities, and look for advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

Do your research for promoting your blog is an excellent way to get yourself recognized in your niche. This can help your blog to make some great money for you, but it may also lead to wonderful opportunities down the road too.

There are so many online communities that you can get involved with. Whatever your long term goal is, you can at least get some good feedback and helpful insight. Take a community like Blogger Meet Up which you can utilize to find the best possible niche for your needs and move forward with a community to support you.

Keep in mind that blogs were never a viable form of communicating until the last few years. With the evolution and explosion of blogs, you see people writing a few posts from home quickly turn into subject matter experts. If you write about things that people want to read, then the sky is the limit. If you continue to write content that reaches people, then you will find yourself in a position that you never imagined before. Go in with realistic expectations but then follow some of these tips if you want to land that high paid job that you only dreamed of in the past.

You never know what may be possible until you put yourself out there. You see now that there is great potential before you, and the sooner that you put yourself into this the more it will pay off. You can get your blog noticed, build your online reputation, and the future may hold more possibilities than you ever thought possible!

By Joe Flanagan

Joe is a Senior Resume Consultant at the SAAS resume builder, job search and outplacement services facility at Velvet Jobs. When he's not helping people with their career you can find him learning guitar, the Chinese language and strength training.

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Hey Joe,

A blog can be turned into the money making platform. The only thing you need to do is focus. Write more and provide the quality content.

Wait for the results. You will get your prize eventually. Most of the people give up within a few months. Blogging is a slow process and you should have some patience.


Hi Joe,
Awesome post!
A blog an always generate money on the go and this is the source of living for many of us. Nowadays bloggers earn handsomely and even more than day job doers.

I make a living off freelance writing and my blog does a perfect job for me getting clients all the year round.

Getting picked by major publications is awesome because this can help you get in front of new audiences!

A motivational post, I would say 🙂

Blogging needs efforts and being a little different will always help. I know the people who succeed in this domain are the ones, who address the pain points of their users — consistently and religiously. If you’re doing that, success is guaranteed.

Long and informative post. I am a part time blogger and a full time job holder. Now my blog earns more than my day job. Planning to leave job soon. The most beautiful thing about blogging is that it gives us freedom to work anywhere.

Hi Joe,

Amazing post. A successful blog is very important for a blogger. Bloggers can earn money, get traffic only when their blogs are attracting the audience. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Joe,
Nice to read your article. It is really inspiring and motivational to read this and keep writing more content to get noticed.
I read about your point on getting picked by major publishers like huffington post…did they pick any of your articles already? That would be awesome, send us the link if so.

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