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9 Hacks to Get Your Resume Going Viral on Social Media

Job seeking can be a tiresome process, but it is something we all need to do if we want to gain employment. Many people try to walk before they can jump when it comes to looking for work and rather than dedicating time and effort into creating a great resume, they will want to know what jobs exists and whether they have a chance of securing anything first. If you want to be seen among the hundreds of other candidates it’s vital to ensure your viral resume stands out from the crowd and that employers sit up and take notice of it.Maxima Foel Creative Resume

If you want your resume to become viral, it will need to offer something different. A viral resume can really help you secure your dream job and you may find that employers will be contacting you, rather than the other way around. This will save you the time and hassle of searching through job sites every day, so it is well worth the initial effort.

These are some hacks to help your get your resume going viral on social media.

Get online first

Your resume won’t ever be a viral resume unless it’s online, so you need to make sure you utilize as many ways as possible to publish your online resume. Upload your resume to job sites such as the Velvet Jobs resume builder and Indeed job search board. After this, make sure you incorporate keywords so that employers can find you. If you are using Twitter, you should use hashtags with your keywords to get as much visibility as possible. You should also list your online resume on your own personal website, you have one right? This will help to improve the visibility of the resume. Riding on famous hashtag trends such as Throwback Thursday (#tbt) you could embellish your resume with a vintage design and share in local chats on Twitter where recruiters may be engaging.

Build a base

There is no point in using social media if you don’t have any connections, as no-one will see it! It’s important to build your connections on a variety of social networking platforms and not only this, but ensure they are the right people, i.e. those who may have an interest in your skills and experience. LinkedIn is the most effective for professional networking and you can search for specific companies, job titles etc. to make it easier to find the right people. There is also a search function on Twitter for finding people with specific job titles or skills. Consider creating a LinkedIn banner that includes your key achievement, then get responding in discussions. Your profile will stand out and recruiters may even ask you about your banner.

Creativity is key

The more creative you are with your viral resume, the more likely it is to be shared. An example of someone with the right kind of innovation to find a job was media student, Adam Pacitti. His digital and traditional marketing ploys, including a billboard asking for someone to hire him, made his campaign go viral. He ended up with a job at the end of it, so it was well worth his effort.Adam Pacitti Created A Billboard That Turned Viral Online

If you want to stand out from the crowd, use images and videos but make sure it doesn’t adversely affect the content of your resume, it should only compliment it. There are no limits to your own imagination when it comes to creating a video resume, if you don’t believe me just check out Epstein’s video resume. The more creative you are with your resume, the more likely it will make its way to the right hands. If you can think outside the box, particularly if this is the industry you are trying to get into it, it will pay dividends in the end.

Sell yourself, and sell some more

If you want to help your resume to go viral, you need to be prepared to sell yourself and to do it well. Your resume is the one opportunity you have to tell employers about how wonderful you are and why you are exactly what they need, so make sure you do it! The more emphasis you put on your skills and experience, the more likely you will to be noticed and the better your chances of your resume becoming viral. There is no room for being reserved when it comes to selling yourself on your resume, as you can bet others will be.

You could also try ad-targeting individuals on Twitter in the industry you want to apply to with your online resume and caption your tweet with a killer achievement of yours. Segment your resume advert to those influencers with reach but are most likely to engage. This is sure to grab attention.

Use research to get mentioned

Consider integrating your own research about your industry that can be placed on the same page as your resume. Following this, apply email outreach to industry influencers with your data. This works in two ways. Firstly those influencers may use your data for their own articles and updates which indirectly shares your resume. Secondly, the data you have published solidifies your position as a thought leader which only benefits your resume. This powerful combo has the potential to go viral, even to the point of major publications.

Adapt to the platform

When uploading your resume to social media platforms, it is important to adapt it to suit the type of platform. The most useful social media platform for your resume is LinkedIn but it’s no the only one. Turn your resume into an infographic on Pinterest, create a .gif file of your key work experiences on Tumblr or turn your resume into a funky presentation on Slideshare. Coming back to LinkedIn, as a professional networking tool, it can be useful for helping you to get found by headhunters or employers. It’s not enough to just copy and paste your resume to LinkedIn; you should alter it to suit the site. LinkedIn is professional but conversational, so it is important to get the mix right.

Cross reference platformsYou Can Cross Advertise Your Resume On Pinterest - Make It Mysterious

No matter where you’re posting your resume to, you should make sure you have details of any other social media platforms you are using on your resume, as the employer may be able to pick up different aspects of your experience from these. Some employers may only be signed up to a specific social media platform, so the more you can direct them to; the more likely they will be to find out more about you. It is a definite to have your resume on LinkedIn, as this is the platform that most headhunters will use to find candidates. The more you use though, the greater your visibility and better your chances of becoming viral. For example, post your uniquely designed resume on Pinterest and link back to LinkedIn via the caption section.

Be unique with your viral resume

If you want to grab the attention of a specific company you want to work for and go viral in the process, make sure you conduct research and really impress the company. Nina Mufleh, is someone who went to great lengths to impress Airbnb to ensure her resume landed on the right desks! She got an interview with the company, but unfortunately she didn’t get a job with this particular company but her resume went viral and she did end up with another job. You need to be unique Beatrice White Viral Resumeand offer something different to get your resume viral.

Create a portfolio

If possible, it is a good idea to back up your resume with a portfolio, which shows some of the work you have done. This is particularly important if you work within the creative industry, as an employer will want to see examples of the work you have done and what you have achieved. Your portfolio is also more likely to be shared via social media and this could easily make it a viral resume, which in turn, will get attention from potential employers.

There are many websites you can use to create online portfolios and you can usually also add keywords to these, to make them more searchable. Some examples of where to set up your portfolio include and Behance. It is quite an easy, step by step process and all you need is the URL of your work and the portfolio site will do the rest for you. These are ideal for those in the creative industries, including copywriting, photography and web design. You might want to do some research on the most effective keywords for the type of employment you are looking for, as this may help you reach the right people.

It goes without saying that if you’re job searching but not having much luck, attempt the viral resume route and you may find employers quickly headhunting you.


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By Joe Flanagan

Joe is a Senior Resume Consultant at the SAAS resume builder, job search and outplacement services facility at Velvet Jobs. When he's not helping people with their career you can find him learning guitar, the Chinese language and strength training.

9 replies on “9 Hacks to Get Your Resume Going Viral on Social Media”

“When uploading your resume to social media platforms, it is important to adapt it to suit the type of platform.”

Very good advice.

Also getting online is very good advice. Having a blog that is about your professional interests is a great tool to promote yourself online. And remember that purpose even when you are not actively looking for a job.

Hi John, yes.

I’m finding gradually that candidates that create their own personal blog have a step up in their job search. It doesn’t have to anything fancy, it doesn’t even need to have th complete birth name in the domain name. What does matter is showing on their blog that they’re passionate about whichever career they want to head into, it has their resume in as many different formats as possible (pdf, .jpg, .doc ,etc.) and if they’re really good at what they do, build a community via their blog.

Becoming a thought leader in an industry before even getting into the industry full time is bound to make their resume go viral.

Have a great day!

Hello Joe,

I’ve read and heard different talks on writing resumes, but so far this is the most enlightening.

I’m glad i read this at a time like this. I really want to create a billboard for myself, because i’m tired of being unemployed 🙂

Thanks for Sharing this, Joe.


Hi Raphael,

A billboard is a great idea if you have the money and confidence!

There are guerrilla marketing tactics that can also be applied. I know one person wrote their name and phone number with a little message saying “call me” on the dust of a car, that car was the vice president of a large retailer, he called up, they chatted and the candidate got his foot in the door to send a resume over to the CEO in a company that was notoriously hard to get into,

There are always little ways to get your resume out there.

My pleasure. Hopefully it becomes of some help. The best way to think of a resume in the digital sphere is that it should be like a hot potato with butter, it’s just too hot to keep in juts one persons hands but at the same time it leaves a bit of a trail. 🙂

People share only those things on social media that they find creative and catchy. To make your resume get more share on social media, you have to make it really creative.

I really liked the examples you shared in your post. Specially the last one.

Now a days, social media are working as great platform for advertising and to connect people. People get more attracted toward social media. and your advice is really unique and effective. a good attempt. thank your for sharing.

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