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A Double Rainbow

This double rainbow was photographed after a monsoon storm passed through the area.

A Double Rainbow

Rainbows are meaningful. When I see them, I feel like it is the universe letting me know that no matter what is going on, everything will turn out ok. They are the symbol of hope to me, which seemed appropriate for today. This was a double rainbow formation I saw outside of my work, shortly after a monsoon storm rolled out of the area.

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

7 replies on “A Double Rainbow”

I LOVE rainbows too! Since it doesn’t rain very often in Phoenix, I always look for the rainbow afterwards.

Did you know that in the Bible (Genesis 9:12-16) God told Noah that the rainbow would be a sign that He wouldn’t destroy the earth with a flood? It was to be a reminder. I used to teach little children and they would always look for the rainbow.

Rainbows are special to me too. I consider myself a “Rainbow Warrior” and my one site is called that 🙂

A few of the most special moments in my life was seeing a full 180 degree triple rainbow, I can’t remember if all three were the full 180 deg, but was really special.

A friend on facebook in the UK also saw a double rainbow and started a very interesting discussion of whether rainbow’s touch the ground.

And isn’t it amazing how rainbow’s photograph so beautifully, they really are amazingly photogenic.

Thanks for brightening up my day with this post 😉

@Britney – I think it is their rarity is what makes them so special.

@ Debbie – The rainbows in this area are amazing, especially right after the daytime monsoon storms.

@ Haroun – I bet that triple rainbow was awesome. Some rainbows are extremely photogenic. The ones at Niagara Falls are another story though.

@ aminhers – Thank you.

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