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How To Write A Killer Headline and Make Your Post Shine

This guest post is by Ahmed Safwan of To Start Blogging.

Have you read a post before just because of its headline?

Attractive headlines are enough to make your readers open and check your content. So DON’T MISS this opportunity.

Try to hook your readers with your headlines.

Remember: Most readers will see your headline in a feed reader, email, on social media, or in a link on another blog. In all of these cases, if the headline doesn’t hook them, they won’t read the post.

But how to write an attractive headline?

How to write a headline that gets people to open my post?

How do you hook your readers?

This is the reason I wrote this post, and I hope you like it.

1. Count the benefits.

If you are writing a post that shows 7 tips to blog as a pro, why don’t you show in the title that you are providing 7 tips?

Also, if you are providing 99 tips, why don’t you show it? You will prove that you have a lot to say about this topic.