The #1 Secret to a High Converting Sales Page

This is a guest post by Alex Whalley, owner and founder of the Build | Rank | Profit eCourse.

Crash Test Dummy

Now before you jump on the assumption train, allow me to clarify what I mean by ‘sales page’ because I am not talking about your typical squeeze page or the ‘no option but to buy’ pages. You know, the ones that will more often than not automatically pop up 37 and a half more windows before they finally accept defeat.

I also want to step away from the make money online niche because the main focus here is on physical products – products that cover every niche possible. The same rules apply for anything you might promote through Clickbank, although again – these methods might not ring true for the MMO niche where OTO’s, Pop ups and massively overhyped sales copy is the norm. Worth testing though, who knows?

Normal Sales Pages

Today I wanted to talk about a normal sales page, a page that has no hype, no exaggerated claims (OK maybe a couple) and certainly no “one time offers” that vomit all over your browser when you leave, because these are the pages I make, and these are the pages that bring me a fulltime income online.

Now there are probably a hundred ‘secrets’ that may or may not help you increase conversions on your niche site or blog, but the no.1 secret of all of them is only a secret because most marketers have spent way too long in their own (Wordpress) backend.

Thinking like a Consumer and NOT a Marketer.

This is the secret to configuring a well converting site.

The problem I see all too often when researching my competitors is that the majority of the Amazon (physical product) niche sites in existence are terribly hard to navigate, not so easy on the eyes, and seem only to be focused on the keyphrases they are clearly trying to optimize for. This is a typical example of a site built purely on the teachings of a third party – and at no stage has the owner of the site ever considered that a real person might actually visit them one day.

So how do we fix this?