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Improve Your Work Habits – Healthy Living Tips For Bloggers

This is a guest post by Aqeel Syed, blogger and Dahn Yoga enthusiast.

The idea of constantly sitting in front of computer has never appealed me. But it is a source of livelihood and because of that one reason I have agreed to put up with conditions that aren’t necessarily healthy for me. I believe that I’m not the only one to go through this on daily basis.

Have you ever felt that your work no longer appeals you? Or you found that what you dislike about your job seems to overshadow what you enjoy? You may be experiencing burnout and these are some of the common symptoms. What we must understand is that a job that entails sitting at a computer for hours may require increased effort to keep both our mind and body healthy.

Previously, Kikolani featured a post on living a healthy lifestyle. It was a great article in which a guest blogger discussed natural ways to improve health. I have also few tips to share that have helped me keep a decent body and mind regimen. Using these simple steps I’ve even noticed some improvement in my energy levels and I no longer feel as tired as I used to.