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The Pros and Cons a Home Based Blogging Business

This is a guest post by Brian Stephens of Moulin Website Design, a web design company supporting small businesses.

A home business sounds great, doesn’t it? Rolling out of bed in the morning when you wake, rather than to an alarm clock. No boss giving you grief for getting in late. You can do what you want when you want Life couldn’t be better, or could it?

First of all, there are two ways to work from home. There is working for a company from a home base, and there is working for yourself, self employed and building your own business. Making money blogging as a business venture is a great example of a way to do this.

Working from Home

Working from Home for Someone Else

Lets discuss the working from home for a company option first. This is a real work at home job where you actually are working in your home – not out on the road servicing clients all over the country and not getting home until 8.00PM, exhausted from all the driving.

Here are the pros for a real ‘working for a company at home’ type job.

  • Save on the commute time to and from work.
  • Have some flexibility in your working hours.
  • No office politics to deal with.
  • Far fewer work clothes required.
  • You have a high level of autonomy on how you do your work.
  • You can enjoy a peaceful environment with little or not interruptions, which is great for a profession like medical billing online (assuming you don’t have others working at home or kids running around simultaneously).