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7 Steps to Great Vlogging

This is a guest video post by Chris Antoni.

7 Steps to Great Vlogging

Outline I Used While Delivering the Presentation:

  • 1. Who is Your Audience?
  • 2. Preparation – Write
    • a. Rough outline (outlining view in word)
    • b. Say ideas out loud many times, see how they sound
    • c. Read them to someone you know that is impartial
  • 3. Create a Cheat Sheet
    • a. Big cards
    • b. Computer monitor – try one screen, zoom, two pages, etc
    • c. Place very close to camera, preferably just above or below
  • 4. Add to the Presentation
    • a. Props
    • b. Drawing
    • c. Writing
    • d. Relatable Stories
  • 5. Record a Dry Run
    • a. Make mistakes
    • b. Don’t stop
    • c. Take video notes
  • 6. Watch the Dry Run
    • a. Change your cheat sheet
    • b. Revise wording
    • c. What can you add
  • 7. Create a Headline
    • a. Remember who your audience is
    • b. Attention grabbing, secrets, obscure or straight forward

Thank you for viewing this presentation on 7 Steps to Great Vlogging! You can find my website at The Traffic Blogger as well as the Blogging Course I mentioned briefly in this video.

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It’s Not Enough to Create Content on a Blog

This is a guest post by Chris The Traffic Blogger.

“So did you read that awesome post I wrote yesterday on 101 ways to motivate bloggers to write better?” I asked into my Bluetooth during one of those random conversations on the road with my mother.

“No,” she replied, “why would I read your blog when I can just ask you questions that I have in person?”

Dumbfounded that my own mom didn’t read my blog, I began to realize that I was missing a very large piece of the blogging puzzle which helps grow and sustain a blog of any size: reader interaction and engagement.

In a single word, my blog was missing conversation. If all I had to offer was my opinion, then my blog was more like a column in a newspaper than a place for people to interact with myself and others in order to discuss the ideas I brought forth in my writing.

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Lead, Don’t Dominate Conversations

How can you build a community out of your blog where discussion is paramount? For starters, you need the right mindset. Instead of just writing for random strangers, you need to start writing to a specific group of people.

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The Essential Guide to Lucrative Guest Podcasting

This is a guest post by Chris from The Traffic Blogger.

Guest Podcasting for Bloggers

Appearing on a podcast is exhilarating, fun and most importantly: easy. All you need is a skype connection and most podcast crews will be able to have you on their show as either a special guest or temporary cohost.

5 Reasons to Guest Podcast

If you are knowledgeable in your subject area and can hold an entertaining conversation, then you are already more than capable of taking advantage of guest podcasting to promote your site (and make money!).

Here are five reasons why you should guest podcast!

Loyal Followers

The audiences of most podcasts are fanatically loyal to their hosts and absolutely love to listen to each and every new episode the moment it comes out. Having run several podcasts in the past, I can assure that your fans are always looking for your next production and they ravenously absorb all the information you send their way.

Attentive Listeners

Podcast listeners tend to be busy people who don’t have time to watch the television or get media in normal ways. Usually this is due to extensive travel amounts of travel in cars, buses, trains, etc. This traveling group of listeners are your biggest fans and they are also extremely attentive.

By guest podcasting you are essentially getting free advertising to a group that wants to hear what you have to say and will feel more inclined than most target audiences to follow through on viewing your website or service.