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The Future of Link Building

This is a guest post by Christopher Jan Benitez.

Google, arguably the most relevant search engine in the world to date, has been aggressively rolling out updates on algorithm changes since last year. The updates aim to eliminate spam on their search results and provide users with the best possible sites based on the searched keyword moving forward. For online marketers, this spells doom to once effective but fishy link building tactics such as article spinning and unnatural keyword insertions, among others.

What is encouraged now by Google and search engines are methods that promote high-quality and shareable content related to your niche. The current trend in link building starts with your own content. By developing a fundamentally sound content strategy, you can build links coming from users who volunteered to share your content and not for any other reason.

Here are ways to develop a link building campaign that relies on high-quality content as means to a developing strong link profile.