8 Valuable Blog Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today

This is a guest post by Daniella Baker.

Nowadays it seems like just about any common Joe and Joann has his or her own blog. You’ve actually invested the time into creating a good looking and interesting, blog but your readership hasn’t reached the level that you desire.

Blog Marketing
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If you feel like you’re stuck competing with subpar blogs for dedicated readers, here are some additional tactics you can employ to boost your readership today.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Create Enemies

One way to get the word out about your blog is to comment on other blogs. But don’t candy coat your comments. If you disagree with their argument or you have an opposing point-of-view, share it. If you make the comment intellectual and interesting, it could spark a blog-to-blog debate that will get readers going back and forth between your blogs.

2. Blog About Your Favorite Bloggers

When you come across a blog that you really enjoy, blog about it and share that blog with the person you’re promoting. We all like having our egos stroked and this move is likely to result in that person including a link to your post in their blog. This will naturally attract their readers to your blog.