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Personal vs Corporate Blogging

This is a guest post by Dan Stevens, content manager for KeywordShack.

After reading the a guest blog post on Kikolani by Peter Garety, which discusses ways of overcoming discouragement in blogging, I couldn’t just move on with the days assignments without expressing some of my own take on the issue. I work as the company blog manager for the KeywordShack SEM blog, in addition to being an Internet junkie with a personal blog (which I’d rather keep personal, for that’s what it is :P). That is why I feel safe enough to claim that there is a world of difference between personal and official/corporate blogging, and this manifests itself in the discouragement Peter writes about.

Both the discouragement and the methods of dealing with it are somewhat different when the blogger is responsible for managing an official company blog. It is not as if such a blogger can just give up and quit – there is a lot more on the line than just that blog.

When it Comes to Corporate Blogs

Corporate blog managers get discouraged, disappointed, worn out and worn down just like any other blogger might – not necessarily in that order. The methods Peter proposes for dealing with all of the above are great for personal blogging, but when it comes to professional company blogging, not all of them apply. It is very important to make that as clear as possible for the sake of anyone who is considering crossing over to the corporate side of the blogosphere.