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11 Controversial Ways to Become a Social Media Authority

This is a guest post by Darren Monroe.

You don’t always have to be controversial as in devils advocate to stand out and build credibility. All you have to do is be willing to say the uncommon things while delivering quality content. And yes that matters in social media as well as blogs. I dare you to be controversial and challenge the social media status quo in the following ways.

11. Support the ideology of building a serious following over followers. Instead of concerning yourself with 10,000 followers for social proof. Focus on a core 500 for serious performance. Remember social media is just as much about partnerships as it is about building your customer base and clientele. The power is in the quality of the following not the followers.

10. Block and break open an explanation. There are some who need to be removed from your social media circles. I remember having this guy who I had to ban from stalking me on social media about a contest. He decided to get really nasty and talk about me directly via social media. I decided to give a unofficial series of messages in a polite yet firm tone explaining why this person was banned. I also followed up with suggestions for others to handle similar situations. Yes it was an unfortunate situation but the return was a greater respect in how I handled that incident.