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3 Reasons to Call Yourself a Leader (With or Without Followers)

Editor’s Note: This is a special entry by Dave Ursillo of Lead Without Followers, Live from Within who offered to let me share excerpts from his new publication, Lead Without Followers – How to Save Our World By Radically Redefining the Meaning of Leadership. I hope you enjoy it!

3 Reasons to Call Yourself a Leader with Dave Ursillo

“We’ve been here before. Each century, as we push out the frontiers of human knowledge, work at every level becomes more complex, requiring more pattern recognition and problem solving.” ~ Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat

Reason 1: Because Simply Living in This Age Makes You a Leader

Our world has never been smaller.

In this day and age of advanced technological communication, our lives are incredibly overlapping, entwined and interconnected. And, with such an amazing array of technological tools and devices at our disposal, we have never before been more able or empowered to act as leaders.

There is essentially no “barrier to entry” to access these technological tools. And when conjoined with our newly rediscovered understanding that genuine, earnest leadership comes from within—with no one to stop you, nothing to prevent you, no time-stamped expiration date or term limit to hold you back—we suddenly realize how remarkably our words, thoughts and actions can be seen, felt, heard and shared by the entire world, instantly.

With the advent of this remarkably empowered Internet age—between email, blogging, cell phones, satellite communications and social media—every person has suddenly become a force-multiplied amplifier of potential good or bad, of happiness or sadness, of gratitude or complaining—or, of true leadership.

As a human being, you are already biologically hardwired to be a leader.

But in this technological day and age, your words and actions can literally reverberate throughout the entire world and its nearly seven billion inhabitants with an unabashed magnitude that was never before possible!