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Basic SEO for Bloggers

This is a guest post by Derek Mabie.

seoMost of us understand how to search online. For more than a decade, we have relied on websites like Google and Yahoo to sift through the billions of web pages and present a list of contenders that, according to the search engines, most accurately relate to our search query.

Search Engines for President

We understand how to search. What we don’t always understand is how to be found. (How to be found by humans, that is. Google will find you. Oh yes, it will.) Search engines, after all, are merely indexes of the many websites that the Google or Bing bots discover – or as we say, crawl. Without these search engines, your readers/customers/etc. would only be able to find your site (1) by typing in the exact URL in the address bar or (2) by clicking on a link to your site from another site. Without search engines, we would be so lost. Thank goodness for those bots that crawl all over HTML to understand the quality of a website as well as for which terms it should rank organically.

SEO at its core

It’s critical to understand the workings of search engines as much as possible because they control how many users will be exposed to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really all about enhancing a website so that the search bots can find it more easily and, as mentioned, identify which terms it should rank for.

Ultimately, it comes down to making a website more user-friendly – not only within the navigation, but also in the sense that it answers questions for users and does so in a refreshing way. Of course, it’s not easy to accomplish a task like that. I mean, really. Who wants to spend all that time writing creative, helpful content? Who wants to take the effort to fill out unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for each page?