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Build Your Brand through Social Media Consistency

This is a guest post by Eduard Ezeanu who provides communication coaching and helps people put their best foot forward in communication, both online and offline.

I believe that one of the best things you can do though social media is build your brand. This means creating a unique, memorable and convincing image of yourself in the eyes and minds of others.

Building Your Brand Through Consistency
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When you as an individual have the characteristics of a brand, you can leverage this to influence things on a large scale and better generate the impact you want. Of all the traits which create a brand, consistency is the one that I appreciate the most.

Why Consistency Is King

The ordinary person surfing on the Internet is bombarded with a tone of information. The majority of it, they will forget in a couple of minutes. It is a real challenge in this information overloaded environment to make yourself remembered. This is where consistency comes in.

What consistency basically means in personal branding is that the information you send reinforces the same key messages about yourself.

The result is that the more a person gets exposed to information from you or about you, the more probable it is for that person to associate you with a few key traits suggested by that information. Consistency helps you be memorable and thus it helps you to be a brand.

There are various ways to insure consistency in your communication, offline and online. Social media has its own distinctive traits, which make certain strategies work best in achieving consistency. The following are what I consider some of the most effective strategies to build your brand through social media consistency.