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10 Steps to Creative Blogging

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Joss.

There is nothing worse than producing a blog post that is lacklustre and without passion or zest. My own fear (that I know is equally shared with fellow bloggers from around the world) is that I will create posts that are just like everyone else’s – boring and painfully ordinary.

So to give myself and others a little creative inspiration I’ve put together these useful and practical steps to help you achieve a greater sense of creativity, whether you are blogging for business or in a personal capacity. These tips are pretty straightforward but they nonetheless require perseverance and positivity.

Let’s take a journey and unlock our creative blogging selves!

#1 Keep an Ideas Book


Whether this is a physical notebook that you carry with you at all times or an electronic one, what is important is that you are jotting down those ideas that come to you at the strangest of times! I use Evernote to store all my blog ideas as well as a whole lot of other interesting stuff related to blogging and writing. My mentor, Jim, sends me useful articles throughout the day and I usually save them on Evernote to read on the weekends and evenings. What’s fantastic about Evernote is that you can group your ideas according to topics and if you are looking for something specific then you can easily search your entire notebook to find it.

I also copy and paste really useful information and extracts from blog posts that I love into my notebook so if I’m ever short of ideas then I know exactly where to go for inspiration.