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How to Blog About Trending Topics

This is a guest post by Fletcher Thompson.

It is easy to forget that a blog is out there for everyone to read, when you’re writing it from the protection of your desk in your own home (or parents basement if we want to perpetuate stereotypes). It will be read.

That is, if you know how to write content that people will want to read or that is likely to be found by a search engine. Knowing how to accomplish those two things is a big step in growing readership and increasing traffic to your blog. Writing about trending topics and current events is a great way to achieve that.

Find Connections

Let’s use an announcement of the Coachella line up as an example. Coachella became a trending topic on social networks and most searched term on search engines, in the anticipation of the release of the line up and the aftermath as the blogosphere discussed it. Having content related to Coachella on your blog would surely gain you traffic as everyone searched for information.

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Yes, Coachella is a music festival. But music bloggers are not the only ones that could write relevant content related to the festival.