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How Social Media Can Help You Live Your Dream Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Hugh DeBurgh from The Passionate Warrior, who has dedicated his life to the achievement of the ultimate family lifestyle.

I’m a personal development writer. So I don’t usually contribute to social media sites. But I thought it might be interesting to uncover how today’s social media technologies are making it possible for many people to live the life of their dreams right from their living room – or, in my case, from my RV.

An Unconventional Lifestyle

I’ll start by telling you a bit about my own family’s experience.

You see, we don’t live a conventional life. We don’t work at conventional jobs. We don’t drive conventional cars, you name it – we aren’t conventional. We travel when we want. We live how we want. We stop and live anywhere that the scenery suits us. Or where the neighbors are nice. And if the neighbors become annoying? We move, of course.

I have no boss. Neither does my wife.

My kids attend no schools. Yet they know more about the world and the people in it than most kids can ever dream of knowing. And they can read faster than I can (at least my 11 year old can). They are children of the world, just as their parents are. No, we are not hippies. We don’t live out of a VW bus and sell hemp products.

We enjoy the good things in life. Luxuries. Technologies. Comforts.

If you met us on the street you’d think we were ordinary people, though perhaps a bit well-to-do. We shed the heavy expensive crap that sucks up most people’s resources. We discovered that we really didn’t need it.

So, what does our unusual lifestyle have to do with social media?