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Show Me The Money: Top 5 Google AdSense Alternatives

This is a guest post by Jacob E. Dawson.

As a blogger in a competitive and increasingly saturated market, it can be hard to continually create magnetic content, build a community and increase your skill level. On top of that, earning money through a blog is no longer a shoe-in – it’s an ongoing challenge, and for a lot of bloggers Google’s AdSense is the only life-support system they have for their writing projects.

There’s something you should know: AdSense isn’t the only option for earning advertising revenue out there. Actually, there are a whole lot of competitors, but it can be difficult to work out which ad networks are genuinely good value and which ones are out to rip publishers off. Almost every network claims to offer ‘industry-high payouts’, but all too often that is a load of hot air, and some can’t even get their home-page looking good, so why would you choose to work with them? If you find yourself nodding in agreement to any of the above, then you’ll want to continue reading, as today we’re going to go through some of the best alternatives to AdSense that might surprise you …



Developed by Todd Garland in response to his frustration with the inefficiencies of other ad-publishing solutions, since its inception in 2008, Buysellads has built an impressive inventory of publishers from small to large., the team is still small and as a result when you use Buysellads you get the feeling that it is a business that understands the needs of small-publishers, which is a nice contrast to the fairly faceless character of Adsense. The site is largely automated, the interface is clean and their guidelines are easy to understand. One of the biggest benefits to Buysellads as opposed to Adsense is that the minimum payout is $20 and you can receive the money via Paypal.

Minimum Monthly Impressions: 50,000
Revenue Share: 75%
Minimum Payout: $20 (Paypal)
Payout Frequency: Monthly