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Binging Relevant Search Back

This is a guest post by Jeet Banerjee.

Which search engine do you use for finding information, products, or services? For most of us, that answer is Google. Google has been the top search engine for the last few years and has essentially dominated the world of search.

While most of us have believed that Google is the best search engine, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has something to say about it. Bing is loud, proud, and openly challenging users to see first hand why they are better than Google.


If you visit Bingiton, you will notice that their home page encourages you to enter any keyword. Once you enter those keywords, it immediately shows you two sets of results. Your goal during the test is to choose the results you feel provide you the most accurate information based on your search query.

Surprisingly, many people like myself have quickly noticed that Bing does provide the stronger search results. As website owners, bloggers, or anyone else involved in the tech sphere, we know the importance of internet marketing. Due to this strong campaign by Bing, Google has began to fire back by essentially refining their algorithm. Here’s how they are changing things.