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How To Develop a Routine to Manage Social Media

This is a guest post by Justin McGill.

When it comes to your social media routine keep it simple. There is too much information floating around out there on social media to consider it all. Bottom line, if how you’re using social media isn’t helping you meet your goals, DON’T DO IT!

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Developing Your Routine

The following will help you get on the right path for developing a social media management routine.

1. Start by getting tools that make your social routine easier. Consider tools like TweetDeck and Hootsuite that allow you to incorporate Twitter and Facebook into one platform in which you can find friends and followers, monitor your newsfeeds and search for what people are talking about.

2. Be sure to make your messages count. Don’t overpopulate newsfeeds with constant updates. Instead, send out a few powerful, all-inclusive messages that entice readers enough to want to share your posts. Three posts a day, per network is a good routine to follow.

3. Stick to what works. Test the waters with each social network. Determine which work and stick with those. The only networks you should use are ones that help you reach your goals and objectives. Staples for most businesses are Facebook and Twitter.

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Social media analytics: Measuring the web’s newest marketing frontier

This guest post is by Justin McGill, founder and CEO of SEORCHERS (read: [surch-ers]), a local web marketing firm specializing in organic search engine optimization (SEO) with a focus on converting visitors into clients.

Facebook has long been a thorn in the side of marketing executives who understand the necessity of creating exposure on the popular networking site but who cringe at the thought of being unable to effectively measure ROI through traditional web analytics. While Facebook itself offered an analytics service, it was extremely limited in terms of what information could be gathered, restricting data to items such as demographic and geographic statistics or post comment numbers. All that is about to change.

Webtrends for Facebook

Webtrends recently introduced the first analytics system for Facebook that provided detailed information without operating through cumbersome image-based workarounds. With the Webtrends system, marketers can monitor custom tab interaction, link sharing, ad effectiveness and conversions, flash and custom apps. The company touted the ability to compare customer activity on Facebook and the effect those interactions were having on other venues side by side as a key aspect of their service. Quantifying customer activity on a given marketing rollout has been crucial to making the most of advertising dollars for many online businesses, and the importance of the Webtrends announcement cannot be underestimated.