Great Reminders for Writing Your First eBook

Since I’m getting ready to launch my own eBook in the not to distant future, I thought this was a very timely article that had a few good reminders that I’ll have to apply to my own writing.

This is a guest post by Kevin Harris, a freelance writer for Adobe.

Do you have information that other people need? How to plan a wedding, how to do home repairs and renovations yourself, or how to sell your house yourself from beginning to end? An ebook is a great way to cash in on your expert status and start earning money. With a little bit of marketing, your ebook can put money in your pocket on an ongoing basis.

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But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First you need to write the ebook! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Research First, Write Second

If you are writing your ebook based on work experience or education you already have, you may not need to do much research. Whatever research you need to do, however, you should do first. Not only is it disorienting to stop writing in order to look up some fact or fill in a hole in your research, it can also make your writing disjointed and difficult to organize. And as we will see in a moment, organization is important.

If you are writing an ebook on a subject you know fairly well but don’t consider yourself an expert in, always make sure you back up everything you have to say with research. Take thorough notes as you do your research, carefully noting your sources. You may need to provide a list of your sources or a list of books for further reading at the end of your ebook. Remember, quality ebooks provide quality information, so don’t skimp in this area!