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Top Dropbox Plugins For WordPress

This is a guest post by Liors Levin.

Dropbox is a unique service that offers storage as well as synchronization across all your devices for all the files you upload; which can be anything from simple text files to videos and pictures. The system works with a wide range of OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. It’s a great system because it allows people to work together since sharing files is so easy.

Why Dropbox

Dropbox is a highly effective service and increases productivity exponentially. Users simply upload their files to the cloud and can then sync across all their devices, from cell phones to tablets and laptops, everything is done with a click of the button. It is also the ultimate software for collaboration since it is a simple yet highly effective way of sharing all information and files pertaining to a project. Changes are visible instantly and data can be accessed even while offline, this makes Dropbox a highly effective service for people working together from different locations.

Dropbox also ensures the safety of your files by keeping a history spanning thirty days of your work. All data is transmitted over an encrypted channel and all files are encrypted when stored on the server. Likewise, any changes you make or files you delete can be reversed. It is the future as more and more people turn to the cloud for file storage rather than their local hard drives. Thus, it is a good idea for those who are thinking ahead to integrate this unique service into their WordPress blog to go the extra mile for their visitors.

This makes Dropbox a great partner for WordPress and there are quite a few plugins available that allow webmasters to integrate this service into their WordPress blog. Here, we’ll be looking at some of the more popular ones.