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How to Start Networking When You Don’t Know a Single Person on the Internet

This is a guest post by Mandy Kilinskis.

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When I joined my company’s marketing team a little more than a year ago, I was told, more or less, to start reading blogs, commenting on them, and seeking out guest posts.

My reaction? Comment-who? Network-where? Guest post-what?

I was new to the marketing/blogging community and had absolutely no idea where to start.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the secret: regardless of your niche, you have to start with good, old-fashioned networking and relationship building. What you know is undeniably important, but so is who.

So I wanted to share with you how I started networking so you can have a place to start your own relationship building. Keep in mind that there isn’t an exact formula to making friends, and that even a year later, I’m still working at networking.

Grab a Little Guidance

Your first option is to try a simple Google search with “[your niche] + blog.” For example, if you write for a knitting blog, your results will look something like this:

Now, this isn’t every single awesome knitting blog out there, but it’s a good place to start. Google has deemed these blogs as the cream of the crop, so other knitting enthusiasts will be flocking to these sites.

knitting blogs

Also ask your supervisor, coworkers, or any business contacts you have what blogs they like to read. As a blogger, you’ll probably be directed to big names like Copyblogger, Problogger, and Chris Brogan.

These are great places to start, but I’ll let you know now – you’re not going to become best friends with Chris Brogan after reading his blog for a month.