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Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review

This post was written by Mike from HTS Tech Tips – Computer Tech Tips, News & Computer Support for non-geeks.

The meteoric rise in popularity of Twitter has spawned a rapid growth in media coverage, Twitter books and numerous Twitter-related applications and tools. The best hands-on book about Twitter, the social media platform, that I have come across is an e-Book written by well known blogger Marko Saric entitled Twitter Marketing: How to Go Viral On Twitter. Mr. Saric developed much of his material through substantial experience in acquiring over 20,000 Twitter followers and through his successful blog, His understanding of social media is evident in the practical nature of his explanations and advice.

Tactical Twitter Marketing

As Twitter’s popularity continues to grow many people are looking for methods to use Twitter and other social media more effectively. Mr. Saric’s 55-page eBook is focused on the tactical, hands-on use of Twitter for marketing and promotion, from growing an online audience, presence and reputation to driving more traffic to a web site or blog to growing product sales to lowering customer acquisition costs and more. Twitter Marketing provides tips, tactics, explanations, examples and graphics to help flatten the Twitter learning curve for readers. Mr. Saric also draws on his extensive experience to cite real world examples of what not to do on Twitter and how to avoid the potholes on the Twitter Highway. Sometimes knowing what not to do can be as evaluable as knowing what to do.