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The Reason You Might Not Be Making Money from Your Blog

This is a guest post by Paul B.

I suppose I could have chosen a more positive title like 7 great new ways to make money from your site, but something in my psyche is always looking to the negative, oh well. There’s a practical side to it too though.

I see so many bloggers and webmasters making crazy assumptions about getting rich from the internet. Without pointing out the obvious problems I don’t see how you can fix anything, I could send you to some amazing affiliate program but if your site is fundamentally flawed you’re never going to make money from it.

“Define your visitors – will they ever make you money?”

There’s one point I do have to define from the start though and it’s that lots of readers/traffic does not automatically equal lots of money. I know this could be strange concept for some given the main drive for most bloggers is to get more visitors but I want to get across the concept that quality traffic beats quantity every time.