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How to Overcome Discouragement in Blogging

This is a guest post by Peter Garety, a passionate online marketer who helps people to quit their 60 hours per week job and double their income within 90 days.

We all go through some kind of slump every once in a while. Bloggers are not any different, even the best and most experienced of them. In fact, the blogosphere is littered by millions of abandoned blogs, forgotten by their owners because blogging as a business is not at all like what they have expected or because they got disheartened and could no longer find the heart to keep working on their blog.

Such discouragement is common among newbie bloggers who had bloated notions about blogging for money, but it is not unheard of for bloggers who have been around longer to lose energy on their blogs as well.

Is that the situation you find yourself in? Are you a newbie blogger who has just found that blogging as a business are far too different from your expectations, or are you a somewhat experienced blogger who is simply disheartened by the business returns on your blog? Whichever you are, you should know that you must not give up unless you absolutely must. There are a number of ways to get over this discouragement you are feeling.