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11 WordPress Plugins to Analyze and Increase Traffic

Who doesn’t like getting some extra traffic and more page views? We all love it, don’t we? Here are 11 WordPress plugins which should help you in various ways, from “tracking activities of your visitors” to “greeting them personally” so that you can achieve your goal of getting more traffic.


This posts plugin will help you to increase page views of your website. Once installed, it will show links to other posts related to a current post at end that could be useful for your visitors by introducing them to other relevant content on your website.


This plugin will add a small “Email this Page” link at the end of your posts which your visitors can click and then send link of your posts to anybody.

Search Meter

This plugin is very helpful if you already have a search box on your blog. When activated, this plugin would start recording all terms your visitors are searching for, and the results they are receiving. It will reveal popular searches on your blog and unsuccessful searches with no results so you know what your visitors are looking for. With the help of this plugin, you can also show your readers the most recent and popular searches.