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Using Social Media Data for Targeting – How to Locate and Action Real Audience Insights

The internet has ushered in a great era for marketing: the analytics era. Pretty much everything you say and do on social media is trackable in real time. With a large enough group, insights can become really valuable in allowing marketers to directly target their most likely customers. There are lots of ways to generate […]

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Which of Your Link Building Strategies are Working? Here’s What You Need to Know

About 32% of your Google ranking is based upon backlinks to your site. That’s just about a third! The reason Google considers these so important is this: When you have other quality sources linking back to you, you gain authority in Google’s eyes. And when you gain authority, your rankings go up. When page rank […]

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10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing

Content marketing is hard work. You have to be a bit of everything to do it well – a marketing pro, a psychologist, an excellent writer, a solid researcher, an expert on all social media platforms, a creative, and a quick study, in order to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of all things […]