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Case Study: What Is Required To Go From Idea To Reality?

This is a guest post by Ruan Oosthuizen.

Disaster may come at any given moment. Normally I try not to but sometimes you just can’t help expecting the worst. Why is that?

When you have worked hard to get things set up, spent hours and hours on the project and had very little sleep while a lot of other things that usually do require attention, all paid the price so you can get things set up as quickly and efficiently as possible, you will do everything within your capabilities to make a success of it.

I have been blogging for a while now. I started early 2011 with my own personal blog called Reast4Christ. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but I knew I wanted to write and at the time it was writing about my spirituality that got me very excited.

As I developed and my experience grew with blogging, one site wasn’t enough any longer, opportunities arose and so I found other interests that got me just as excited when they came to mind.

Then at some point reality hits you between your eyes and you realize all over again that you are a human being with a set given amount of ability. Yes as you gain experience and your skills increase, I agree that certainly so does your abilities.

However, there comes a time when you feel you can handle only this much at this stage or time in your life. You have enough on your plate and you feel that you are not comfortable taking on another project until you have at least completed one of the previous ones.

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Having A Mentor – Ever Considered The Possibilities?

This is a guest post by Ruan Oosthuizen.


When you start out as a new blogger, chances are you are very unfamiliar with the online world and what goes on behind the scenes. Even if you’ve been online for some time, as you become more involved you will discover that quite a different side to things exists than you’re aware of when you just read other people’s blogs and articles.

Often at times starting as a new blogger, you have a gazillion ideas that you wish you could get out there all at once. Don’t we all feel like that when we have a new idea? We feel like “gosh, the world is going to love this!” but after you’ve been out there for a while putting some of the ‘great’ ideas you had out there, you find out that maybe you were a little optimistic and maybe not everyone thought that was such a great idea.

The hard and sad truth is it might be a very good idea. It might even be a brilliant idea but the way in which you have put it out there may have not been as effective as it could have been…

Just like the above example, likewise are there many other aspects of blogging and being an online entrepreneur that may seem like an easy task when you look at it from the outside “world-view” but in reality it is quite a bit more complicated than it looks and well, unfortunately sometimes we learn this truth the hard way.

There is another option though…

Having a mentor might be your answer. There are some people whom have gone through exactly what you might be going through right now.

The good news for you is that many of them don’t expect you to go through all these alone and are putting priceless hours and investment of their time out there available for you to capitalize on.

They are willing to take your hand and show you the obstacles to watch out for, the kind of opportunities to grab with whatever you can and the tools to use that are the driving force behind their own personal success.

Below I will share with you quite valid and valuable reasons why having a mentor will shorten your journey to online success.

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How Distractions Paralyze Your Productivity as a Freelance Writer & How To Eliminate Them

This is a guest post by Ruan Oosthuizen of Freelance Writing Tactics.

Distractions are everywhere. Distractions happen without intent. Distractions happen when you least need it. As a successful freelance writer distractions are probably one of the most lethal productivity killers of all times, especially when writing to reach a certain deadline.


Photo Credit: Nanette Saylor of Wise Well Women on Flickr

When I started writing for another rather large blog about six months ago, reaching writing deadlines was a major concern for me and the truth is I never could work out why I had difficulty in reaching them. I always made it on time in the end but getting my articles submitted always happened at the last minute and I actually felt rather exhausted afterwards because of the last-minute-rush.

Then one day during my constant analysis of where I could improve my writing, whether it was in my technique, style, approach or angle, tone, I read an article on improving your productivity as a freelance writer and how you can apply a few very-simple-but-not-always-that-easy tips to your own writing and see your productivity improve by miles.

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Why Reinventing The Traffic Generation Wheel Is A Bad Idea And What To Do Instead

This is a guest post by Ruan Oosthuizen.

Being a blogger, experienced or absolute beginner, traffic generation will always have to be part of your online strategy. You spend hours researching and then create excellent content. It takes hard work to put killer content out there. Then you will have to try and put that content in front of the eyes of your target audience. You will need to drive traffic, somehow and sometime sooner or later.

Driving traffic is not easy. Driving targeted returning traffic that converts well is not something everyone succeeds at. The good news is that some does and does so well.

So what if you could follow those who do it well and do exactly the same?

Yes, you heard me right. What if it’s not necessary to re-invent the traffic generation wheel and what if there is a way you can look at exactly what highly successful traffic generators do, follow them step by step and do exactly the same and get the same or even better results?

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7 Critical Elements Of Effective & Complete Domain Management

This is a guest post by Ruan Oosthuizen.

Effective and complete domain management is a composition of processes with essential elements that if used together forms a system that determines the success of your business or blog online. Many start a blog without a “business plan” and soon find missing elements that are harder to implement at that point in time.

However, doing some much required research and planning before you put much at stake by starting your online journey, you’ll find that there are good practices and some other “not so good” practices to follow. There is no right or wrong, I agree. However, I do feel there is effective and ineffective ways of doing things and anyone in their right mind would want to start with what is effective instead of later having to go back and try to implement things completely out of sequence when at that point they should be focusing on something else.

A set of essential elements shared below will assist you in this process of getting into good rhythm and adopt good practices right from the start, ensuring you become the ultimate domain manager.

1. Choosing A Brand Name

Choosing a brand name is quite often handled with less attention to detail as it rightfully deserves. One important factor to keep in mind when looking at brand names is that you will become known for your brand name, or if you do it wrong you simply won’t. The objective is that you do so choosing a brand name carefully will count much in your favor.

Your brand needs to represent you, your products, services or topic of discussion. You need people to want to be associated with your brand name once they make use of your products, services, training material or whatever it is that you represent. They need to feel that you can be trusted, are reliable but most importantly they need to feel that they will get what they came for.