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Do You Know Why You Blog?

This is a guest post by Tim Brownson.

I suspect that as you are reading a blog like Kikolani, if you’re not a blogger as such, you’re at least interested in blogging.

Even if you’re not though and your merely passing through, bare with me, because the information I am about to share with you is equally useful to everybody.

For the purposes of the post I’m going to presume you do blog, but please feel free to substitute whatever it is you do for a living in place of blogging if that’s more appropriate.

Why do you blog?

There’s a good chance you have asked yourself that question before and equally there’s a good chance you have been asked it many times by friends and family. As such I’m guessing you replied without too much difficulty.

The problem is though I’m about 95% sure the answer, or answers, you gave were wrong.

I would be happy to wager a substantial amount of cash that you don’t really know why you blog other than at a superficial level. And that’s dangerous.

  • If you answered, “To earn a living” You don’t really know why you blog…”
  • If you answered, “Because I like writing” You don’t really know why you blog…”
  • If you answered, “To be seen as an expert in my field…”

Then you don’t really know why you blog.

If you answered, “To connect with other people,” you’re possibly closer to knowing why you blog, but unfortunately on this occasion, there’s no cigar.”

You may be confused at this stage and even questioning my sanity, because after all, I don’t even know you, so how could I possibly have a clue as to the reasons you do what you do?

The answer is an even more confusing, I don’t.

I have no idea why you do blog, but I do know that the reason is hidden deep within you and very few people ever dig deep enough to find it.