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How To Start a Blog in 7 Days

This is a guest post by Tony Hue.

Sorry, Darren Rowse. I just don’t have the commitment to build a better blog in 31 days. Nor do I have $20.

In fact, I don’t think anyone needs 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. You have the talent, you have the passion, and, evidently, you have the desire to improve your blog. So join me, young Frodo. Let’s build a blog people want to read. In 7 days.

Day 1

Look at you! Your blog is better already as you read this sentence! Pat yourself on the back!

Alright. Before I continue, I will ask you 3 important questions. 3 questions that as a blogger, you need to be able to answer:

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. Simply, the toughest question I ever had to tackle as a blogger, but it’s incredible how we often we fail to ask ourself this before we start blogging.

    Awhile ago, my roommate in college posed that question to me. Why do you blog, Tony?

    I was caught off guard. It felt like such a simple question, yet I felt almost embarrassed when I couldn’t respond right away. I told him that I blogged because it served as a way for me to express my interest in social media, technology, and design. I wanted people who shared my interest to read my blog.

    So, tell me. Why do you blog?

  3. What is the biggest mistake you ever made as a blogger?
  4. No, I don’t want to hear how you accidentally hit the Publish button prematurely before you finished your post about Lolcats. Admitting your mistakes is the most important thing for anyone who wants to take that next step to success.

  5. What is one word people should use to describe your blog?
  6. Are you funny? Are you interesting? Are you outrageous?

    No one likes an Average Joe. Be somebody unique. In fact, you already are. Show that in your writing. Express your personality into everything you do.