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Alternatives to Checking Statistics

This post was written by Trevor from Striking Towards the Top – Striking Up.

I struggled with the concept of not checking things repeatedly. In fact, you could say I checked things so frequent that I was wasting my life away doing it! The people that mentored me always told me, “Stop checking! It doesn’t do you any good.” And its true! It doesn’t do you any good.

Why isn’t it good?

1. You’re wasting time.

You’ll be astonished at how much time you can waste just checking ANYTHING repeatedly. Lets take for example, your blog! I find myself amazed after I calculate how much time I spend looking at statistics for my blog. Statistics like traffic, amount of time spent, bounce rate, etc. They are all fun to look at and looking at those stats rise definitely make me happier but what is it really doing? Its just giving me an illusion of making me happy! That’s it! My stats won’t raise if I check it more often and if I check it at the end of the day its not like the stats will be lowered.