4 Business Tasks to Automate and Personalize

Over the past few years, automation has become a necessity for industries all over the world.

Once time-consuming tasks can now be done without too much effort at a much higher output. Plus, new technologies are being built to develop personalization and create a better experience for the customer in the process.

Although automation can be somewhat lifeless, there is still plenty of room to foster personal relationships when it comes to connecting with others. To give you an idea of how you can streamline your business with cutting-edge strategies, here are 4 business tasks to automate and personalize:

1. Email Responses

Studies show that waiting just 30 minutes to reply to an email request cuts down your odds of generating a lead by 21 times.

To retain the best chances of a conversion, try using automation software that replies to a prospect instantly with their personal info. Rather than encouraging visitors to send an email, use a “Contact Form” that has different fields of information for them to fill out. The software gathers that info and fires off a quick response letting them know that someone will be in touch shortly.

Additionally, you can use email automation to set up in-person or over-the-phone meetings. Traditionally, setting up a phone call can involve several emails back and forth to identify a time that works. Using email automation software like Mixmax, you can send out an email that integrates with your calendar and sends out several options of times that work for the necessary parties. Then, the client can pick one time and it will automatically sync on all calendars. Mixmax estimates that using instant scheduling can be 10x faster than the traditional method and create a better experience for your customer.  It’s these little details that tell your prospect that you will be a good partner to do business with. Even this email can be automated to save time. For example, once an opportunity is set to close in your CRM, you can use automation to automatically send an email to thank your new customer and include a calendar request to schedule an onboarding call.

You can also use email automation software to…

  • Share free content with new sign ups
  • Send email responses whenever you miss a prospect’s call
  • Send out a LinkedIn connection when someone accepts your meeting
  • Instantly follow up with new business contacts
  • Refer a new client to a salesperson upon receiving an inquiry

No matter what the circumstances are, your prospects feel secure and have a great experience, you maintain your odds; it’s a piece of cake.

2. Social Media Content

Even hiring a dedicated content strategist to upkeep your social media profiles leads to inconsistencies.

Nowadays, businesses that post multiple forms of content every day get the best results, so why not automate the process, save time, and boost your engagement all at once? Not to mention, automating social media content is easy with management platforms like Hootsuite, Later, Sprout or Buffer.

Once you connect all your accounts, you can use the management platform to…

  • Post content across multiple channels with one click
  • Schedule content in advance that will post automatically once the date arrives
  • Pre-write captions and hashtags and attach them to posts that are scheduled to go out
  • Allow access to multiple team members so they can edit content or include assets
  • Like and comment on other users’ posts to increase engagement and generate organic growth

With a management tool, your team has more time to focus on other creative projects that drive conversions. Social media is a monster that demands 24/7 care, and taming it with automation makes the endeavor much less daunting.

3. Data Analytics

To really understand the nuances of your business and how you’re performing with the public, you have to take advantage of data analytics.

The only downside is that going through mountains of data in different areas takes up time that your marketing team may not have. The ultimate goal is to gather information quickly and incorporate it into your strategy, so whatever web service you use to host your site, make sure to download your analytics on a regular basis.

For example, Google Analytics allows you to schedule a reoccurring report update that you receive once a week. If you have a weekly marketing session with your team, you can make going through the report a priority to base the rest of your strategy around.

Data analytics shows you…

  • Which pages are performing the best
  • Which links have the most clicks
  • What areas are causing visitors to bounce
  • What content captures the most engagement

Also, if you aren’t taking advantage of any analytics services to track your progress, you can easily sign up with any of these platforms for an affordable cost.

4. Customer Service

Unfortunately, there are bound to be issues that require customers to reach out. However, you can resolve complaints or problems efficiently with automation at the helm of your customer service.

One big issue that supports teams have is organizing help desk tickets. When multiple requests come flooding in, it’s easy to lose track of who was first, which customer issues were already resolved, and where to send customers who have specific complaints. Luckily, these troubles don’t have to stifle your operations and drive customers away.

Here are several free automation tools that help with customer service and keep everyone happy:

  • HubSpot Service Hub: Use live chat tools, instant pairing with service reps, and customer service surveys to streamline issues.
  • Fresh Desk: Provides automated responses to pre-determined questions, teams can build DIY guides and tutorial videos to mitigate customers issues, grants access to multiple team members for wider coverage.
  • Team Support: Several agents can work on the same ticket to provide customer assistance and receive regular analytics reports on customer calls and behaviors.

Automation is the Future

Don’t waste another minute doing menial tasks that eat away at your success.

Automation is the future, and your business must adopt an expedient mindset in order to keep up with growing trends. Not to mention, customers are increasingly mobile with expectations of immediate service, so it’s your job to bridge the gap.